Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 6 - Liberec -- February begins!

Hey all,
We had a great week here in Liberec! We started back in Prague on Tuesday for training and had an amazing training. President started it off asking us about who we were as a mission, what our mission culture is. It was really cool to look at it as a whole. He went on to talk about his favorite topic and one that is really central to us here. Agency, opposition and faith. Those three topics really seem to collide as missionaries and he gave a really good training on that, how to face opposition. The best line from it was "In this mission you learn to walk with God, in the name of Jesus Christ" That was how he ended his part. It was pretty crazy! At the end of every training we have a Jesus thought and he talked about Jesus and the titles he uses. They describe our relationship with him and what it can be. This time it was about him as the physician and how Jesus steps in when the world would step back. When we have sin and mistakes, he steps in. It was a really cool thought! The big come away though was on Asking for referrals. President talked about how we are looking for a needle in the Haystack. We are going to find a lot of pieces of hay. And then Ask the hay if they've seen the needle. Just ask the Hay. It was a pretty humorous bit but also is something we have changed here. We have improved asking for referrals a lot. I know it is something Shad did and i have tried it a few times but no one gives us anything. However we have seen a difference in our area. We have almost 16 potentials who could become investigators this week and we had an amazing week. We spent almost all day every day finding and were really blessed finding prepared people. At training we also got Mail and I hit the Jack pot. I had a ton of mail waiting and that was really fun! I also got new name tags HANISZ like our name was spelled a few times. They are pretty cool.. People also pronounce it hanush. It is fun! This week while tracting we came across a HANus. It was pretty cool! An investigator from Ostrava gave My old companion a lot of chocolate and a nice letter to give to me which was also really nice.

This week i have really fallen in love with missionary work. There wasn't a single rejection that got me down and i was happy and enthusiastic which is something i have had but really improved showing it this week. Like i said we met some of the coolest people this week. We are so excited for what this week has in store. Already today we had two of those people come and have another person on baptismal date. It is exciting here. We spent some time tracting this week as well! We had some successes and people that said we could come back. One later almost slammed the window and then as we kept talking she said we could come back. It was pretty funny because you could tell she couldn't believe she was going to try this! Sunday was another good Sunday here. The branch is pretty small but it is great. Later in the day pretty much all of our plans fell through which can be really hard because everyone leaves the city during the weekend to begin with and after 5 on a weekday no one is outside. We actually ended up running into a semi investigator who had created some concerns about us. We ended up teaching a really cool lesson and it was really cool to see the spirit testify right to him and by the end he had no more concerns and said we might be right.

We have had such a good week and time is flying. Missionary work is awesome and we have a lot in store. I hope all goes well and i pray for you all. Love You