Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 13 in Brno

This week flew by! Last Monday we played some sports for p-day and on the way we met one of our investigators who had stopped responding. HE was a little embarrassed and surprised to see us. we told him we had been praying for him and he said we still wants to come to church and things. So we will see! This week we had a lot of time to find! WE found some really cool people! One was on Tuesday, she had had a dream about Jesus and then we met here and talked about how to follow him through baptism. Another was a really strong believer who just couldn't believe how people ignored the existence of God here. The day before we had met she had cried out to god for help and we met her the next day. Those were just two examples of the lord preparing people here this week! It was way cool! In the end on Sunday we had 6 first lessons set up..None of them came but we will find more this week! 

On Thursday i was on an exchange here with Elder Hudson. We had a great exchange and focused on HTBT with everyone on the street. We also had a goal to only have 10 seconds in between us finishing a conversation and starting another one. WE didn't quite make it but we spent the day running! IT was a lot of fun! And exhausting. WE had prayed about who we could find and we received revelation that we would look for a guy with a green shirt. The very last man we talked to was wearing a green shirt and wants to meet again! IT was a really fun exchange!

On Friday we were up early and driving to Prague. An hour outside of Prague is a castle called karlstejn. 4 years ago dad and I tried to visit it but turned around because we thought cars weren't allowed! Turns out they are OK! IT was cool to actually walk around. On the road that dad and I were on is a little parking lot and about 500 meters or so in to the forest is priests hill. 87 years ago. John a Widtsoe and 6 members (all the members of the church) Said a prayer and dedicated the Czech republic for the preaching of the gospel. We now have a stake! IT was a really cool meeting we had there. IT showed the power of prayer and what is possible. We also had a special prayer at the end in remembrance of the dedicatory prayer. IT was a really cool experience and felt just like the temple! 

WE got back and had sports night and Saturday we went on a vylet with a member and saw a zamek and had a grill which was really fun. The bus ride back not so much as i was pretty car sick but at least i didn't throw up! Anyways things are great! Hope you have a great week!

The spot where it was dedicated. IT says "On this spot the czechoslovakia mission of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints was dedicated on the 24 of July 1929"

A Member from Ghana gave me his shirt and my companion his tie. I felt pretty cool!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 12 in Brno

This week was an interesting week! Tuesday we were back at it.. HARD. It sent my companion back into sickness and by Thursday we had to stay home again but we had some good things this week! We found out that our district is doing a special musical number at mission conference this week. IT will be on Karlstejn which is where the church was set apart for the preaching of the gospel. When they did that they said that it is a natural temple and has the same feeling. The temple has been on my mind a lot recently and wish i could go there. We are excited to get to go to the natural one.. The song.. WE will see.

We had a man on baptismal date for this Saturday. HE is doing well and finally prayed with us but won't make it for this Saturday. Hopefully soon though! We started sports night this week which was a blast! We have a small playing field at the church building and we played floor ball which is my new favorite sport. We are actually going to go play baseball and floor ball tonight before we have FHE! Should be fun! This week we met a funny guy. He was speaking English and reading harry potter. HE invited us to read with him. We said we could help him if we shared a thought. He ended up having a ton of questions abut the restoration which was really cool!

The ward here is so fun and we had a great Sunday! Visted some members and went tracting! A few other highlights from the week was when my companion was sick i skinnied some ties. They now look pretty nice instead of being really fat! We had some other cool things but not too much time today! This week should be a good one! Love you all!

Our investigator drew the plan of salvation

My sewing project.

My companion -- not feeling too great.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 11 in BRNO

This week was a long week but a good one! Transfers were last Monday and elder smith arrived. WE had a fun independence day meal at home and got to work on Tuesday.   A recent convert from Prague who i know was here and we had a fun lesson with him, it was good to see him again and also did a singing display.  Elder smith plays the guitar really well so that is fun!

Then we headed to jihlava to do a baptismal interview. IT was a guy i had contacted with elder cook last transfer on an exchange. Pretty cool! Wednesday we had a little time in the morning to go contact. We got to a park and this guy was running... I forgot to mention that elder Smith really likes to run so we have been running a lot. But we got there and we took off with this guy running for about 15 minutes, about 3 km and taught him a lesson. IT was pretty cool! and fun! we were worn out after our 5k run in the morning too. 

This week we have only been speaking Czech which has been fun! It has been a good change. I am used to driving again after heading to Prague on Thursday. We had MLC which was good to be with president Pohorelicky a little more! Here in Brno everything works which has been really cool. WE had a really good correlation meeting which was awesome! Friday we had a good day but My one companion elder smith started to not feel well. We had sports night and he was really down. after we went home and he slept from 8:30 until 4 on Saturday and woke up pretty sick. He was feeling well enough to go to the baptism for the sisters here in Brno but we came home right after and then our mission president had us go to the hospital. We got home Saturday night about 12:15 in the morning and got some medicine for him. We were home all of Sunday and he is slowly recovering today. It was a long weekend. Got a lot of different things done though. Not the most fun though. Other than that just hoping to be all well tomorrow and hit it hard this week! Love hearing from you! Have a good week.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Week 10 in BRNO

The last week of the transfer is always busy and this week was no exception! Last Sunday we had a bishop called and set apart here. IT is just our former branch president so not too much there. On Monday we had a pretty cool experience. We had about 30 minutes of time to find and decided to pray to know where to go and after went one way and found the coolest girl. She was fluent in like 4 languages and really wanted to hear more. WE met some really cool people this week. It was the first week of summer vacation so lots of people are leaving and going out of town but it is good! At FHE on Monday we had a great time. One sister in the ward was there and started to teach us Czech folk songs! It was crazy fun! They weren't just singing but dancing and hand motions too! 

On Tuesday the Pohořelíčtí arrived. And we had training with them on Saturday, all in Czech! Pretty cool! It was really good to meet them and get to know them a little. WE also had transfer calls. I am still in brno and still a zone leader with elder Smith and Elder Chapple is still with us. We had language study with a member this week and had a pretty good time. It cracked her up with some of the questions we asked. Friday night we had dinner at a members house and i was stuffed pretty much from then on. We also had huge burgers earlier that day, and then pizza at training and lots of food. The morning before training we actually went and did a service project in the morning. It was a project fit for dad. We were just cutting down trees and stacking wood! Pretty fun! That night our ward mission leader invited all the missionaries and some members over to play soccer and have dinner and then we had a correlation after. IT was great fun! We have another investigator on baptismal date again. The same one from a couple weeks ago. IT is for the 13 of august! Fast Sunday was a great day and today we sent off my companion and picked up our new one. Tonight we will have a fun dinner with burgers and chips and corn on the cob! This week is gonna be crazy! We will be in jihlava tomorrow for a baptismal interview and then on Thursday in Prague for MLC. And so it begins! Love you all!