Thursday, July 30, 2015

Week 5 - Singing in Czech

For the first time this week we got to sing called to serve in Czech. I have now found my new favorite song. It beat out a close second which was the day dawn is breaking in Czech. Each time we sing that we get faster each verse making quite the ordeal signing as fast as you can in Czech. The language is really fun at times and really hard at others. Our teacher told us that he has begun to speak at his regular speed with us and we can usually understand. WE are speaking a lot more Czech outside of class, and it is definitely helping.

Last week each of us began teaching another missionary as an investigator in a role play. We combined with the two Slovak missionaries as well. I ended up getting paired with Elder Bednar (he is related to THE elder Bednar) but he speaks Slovak. They are similar languages but it was really difficult. Sometimes we would ask one question and get the answer to another question all together. 

The grammar continues to get more difficult but the cases sometimes become easier. I have just about memorized the first vision, all of verse 16 and 17 in Joseph Smith history. It has been extremely difficult but it is coming along. We have lots of opportunities to study the book of Mormon as a class. One of the things our teacher talked about was Mosiah 24. The book of Mormon combats fear and doubt and the power of covenants is real. IT provides a way for us and God will be merciful because of our covenants. In my personal studies this week i stumbled on a scripture that really give a vision for who i want to be. 3Ne7:18 where lehi taught with such power they could not disbelieve his words. 
Pictures and letters are always lots of fun to receive. I got a package from Carrie this week with all the rules on when i can eat it. The skittles are for each time i memorize a vocabulary word which sometimes gets a little more difficult to keep track of. I aim for about 30 a day along with 2-4 phrases and a scripture. It keeps me busy. A few things, If you can find my small English hymn book in my scripture bag that might be nice to have. But if not its not a big deal. I am excited to get those pictures in the spiral things. I have tried to find the character of Christ video myself. But it was a MTC devotional and it seems that none of them are available to the public. IT is a really powerful message about turning outward. This week they had a new movie available. Another MTC devotional from President Holland. It was titled missions are forever. He taught with fire, something that was amazing to see. He had no script and really was preaching. It was quite the thing to listen too. "Don't miss any opportunity to be apostolic" was a quote from him. His last bit of advice in this movie was to go out and Astonish which is something that astonished all the missionaries in the room. You could really see his calling as a witness of Jesus Christ. We have yet to see an actual apostle but Rumor has it that come August they are off there break and we may get lucky. My companion got a hair cut last week and i will probably go next week. We are also planning on getting clothes dry cleaned soon as well.

This week there was a big focus on receiving revelation. It was cool to study it and begin to apply it. On sunday we had the same speaker that was here the first week. He was awesome again and had a very similar message. IT was cool to see how the spirit worked so that he changed it. Tuesday night was an emeritus Authority. 

If I've begun to miss somethings at home it may be harry potter because i made a few analogies throughout his talk to Harry potter including occlumency. I am Jealous that you have finished them again. Send some pictures in the email of the new house. I would like to see it coming along.

We didn't have to host new missionaries this week, but we had to do traffic instead. Not the most fun and i would rather have been in class but a nice break and probably our last time to have to do any of that. WE have played a lot of volleyball with our zone this week out on the sand. This morning we even went to the 6:40 gym time and had a two on two sand volleyball tournament. The majority of our zone leaves this weekend and it is crazy to see them go. We've made a lot of friendships but we are all going our own ways. We still have yet to find some of our life long friends. I had the opportunity to participate in a blessing this week which was the first time i have done that which was a great opportunity. I have begun to see the conversion process that people can go through. Overall it has been a very fast week. Tonight will be our last TRC before we start Skye visits next week. Hope all is well

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Week 4 -- Still in the MTC

After walking out of the temple doors, Lavell Edwards Stadium is right down the hill.. It's a good things its not football season!

 We had the opportunity to go to the temple again today and ended up doing our laundry before so we got up about 5:50. It was nice to just have it done. Then after the temple we wrote lots of letters which is a good problem to have. I received quite a few this week! and they are definitely bright points in the day. I also got a package from Carrie with some sweets to keep us going, Sister mangum with some of my favorite cookies, as well as some sugar cookies from Jamie. Packages and Mail are super fun so thanks for writing.

The Czech translations seem pretty good now that i can actually read them but there's still quite a few words I don't know. My language study plan is to memorize 30 words a day, 4 phrases, and a scripture almost every day. Since i emailed last week I have since memorized 8 scriptures in Czech. But i started the first vision yesterday and that is a monster so i may slow down a little bit. I have memorized Alma 32:21, Moses 1:39, Amos 3:7, Alma 34:32, 2 Nephi 2:25, 3 Nephi 12:48, ether 12:27 and one more that i can't remember of the top of my head but I do know it in Czech. I am really starting to pick things up faster during study which is definitely the gift of tongues. The language continues to be difficult. The cases are a nightmare and super hard to apply but it is coming. One of our teachers is just fantastic in the language and really loves pronunciation. This week we took a language learning assessment just so we could see where we are and what to focus on. The scores are on a scale from 1-7 and i got a 3.25.

It sounds like our teachers were easier than others but it is still very good. We're not supposed to compare at all but the study has really helped. Tonight we have another TRC, teaching a member. Last week's was awesome. WE asked a ton of questions about their missions and how prayer was important to them and they were really good lessons so I'm excited for tonight again. Along with improving my language study we have really begun to SYL more (speak your language) it involved using what we know all the time and speaking with some English. IT really does help if we can all stay focused. The language is fun but its hard to believe we have been here for a month. Now there's no excuses for being new we just need to work hard. Last Saturday marked two years left in our missions! That was kinda cool not that we're counting down though. This week flew by again and there wasn't much new that happened.

We got to host new missionaries again. However we got new missionaries in our room. There are two of them serving in Los Angeles so they'll be gone soon but we had taken over an extra closet and had to move out. Service was great fun as usual, however no apostles this week. They were still good devotionals but I haven't sung in choir the last couple weeks. I would rather study and its nice to have some extra time. My companion and i usually get a long pretty well for the most part. I am really good friends with one of the other elders in our district Elder Stacy. Hes a wrestler and hes going to wrestle at the air force academy after this. We continue to play a lot of spike ball and our zone is probably the best at the MTC however too many people have been diving and breaking them so we can not longer play in the sand but sand volleyball is really fun as well.

The movie on Sunday we went to see was testaments but they lost the disk so instead we got to watch President MOnson's Biography which was amazing. Just his life story was incredible. Have Dan or Granger got their mission call yet? when does Josh get here? and Sonny? This week I've really tried to focus on being set apart from the world. That I am very much different than i was and i should be able to do much more than i used to. A comment was made by another elder in our zone this week that there is no reason we should be happy here. We study and work hard all day. we have no free time, we are away from all our friends and family and home, there is no reason to like it here. Yet we are happy and we enjoy that and it comes down to the work we are involved in and being set apart.

To some of your questions:
Study time is getting much easier to focus as long as i can stay awake but I've started getting up and walking around if i start falling asleep
The first few weeks i gained 5 or so pounds but lost a pound this week. Quite a few others have put on some weight.
 The pronunciation is similar in some letters but we have a lot of weird rules and a few letters that are way different a ch sounds more like a h out of your throat. All the r's are rolled unless they have an accent and it becomes more of r+z. That is by far the hardest letter. The tone is also difficult in some ways but we are figuring it out. I bought a children's book of Mormon in Czech this week and it is a lot of fun because we can understand a lot of it. In that language test i got a 4 in fluency and a 3 in the other categories which were pronunciation, grammar and something else.

 Our whole branch presidency is golfers so its fun to hear about it from you first so we have something to talk about.

My companion and i haven't had any callings yet but our president has hinted that the time is coming and not to worry. So now we are worried. In our zone, the Czechs, the polish elder and Slovak elder all got here the same day, the rest of our zone got here three weeks before us so they are all leaving in the next two weeks.

WE got ten new Bulgarian missionaries in our zone and then when they all leave were supposed to get about 30 more missionaries so we will see how we grow. All the elders leaving find out their travel plans today or tomorrow, so its getting real. WE are very good friends with them so it will be hard to see them go but it will all work out! I'm glad all your talks went well! as always i appreciate the updates and letters! I hope to hear from you all soon

 Love, Elder Hanis

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Week 3 - Hosting

I hope the week for y'all has been good. This week really flew by. It is definitely not slowing down. The days really fly. Last p-day we had our first TRC and got to teach three returned missionaries just as members. It was a really fun experience and we get to do that tonight again so we are looking forward to that. The people in our zone continue to become really good chairs. In the hallway of our classrooms there is a bench with a sign above it that says "sisters bench, elders be gentlemen" right in front of the girls class room. This week in front of the boys bathroom a chair was placed there with a sign that read "Elder's chair, sisters be ladylike". Needless to say it didn't last too long but there is a chair there. 

On sunday, for the devotional we had the managing director of the MTC. He focused his remarks on the Book of Mormon stating that the three steps to conversion are prayer, Reading the book of Mormon and going to church. It was a very nice message about implementing the book of Mormon better. On sunday i got to meet with the branch president again. It was a nice visit and as we discussed how to best prepare for the field his only advice was that during personal study to focus on preach my gospel and the scriptures and become an expert in them. In his words he said "forget all the mission library stuff its not important" he went on to say to save those for the field. The days remain busy and long. The language is still very difficult. We have began to learn how to case things. I have memorized a big chart but the actual application is a little bit more difficult. We are becoming better at speaking. We are supposed to speak our language at all times which is a saying that has a few steps. I don't think we've been the most successful at it but we are starting to get better and it is definitely improving. Besides our missionary purpose i have also memorized my first scripture in Czech Alma 23:21. Another topic in one of our classes was receiving help. One of the teachers quoted a talk that said something along the lines of " If we need angels to minister to us, if we need a miracle, then call one down" The power held in that phrase has been something that has really stuck with me in my prayers the ministering of angels has sometimes become more evident. Another insightful talk that i read this week was Yet thou art there by Niel A Maxwell. I actually spend a surprising amount of time on the computer each day. WE have a computer lab right outside our classroom where we do language study with a software called TALL as well as a computer in our class that we can use doing personal study occasionally. We have begun teaching two of our teachers as investigators again. The lessons haven't always gone the greatest but sometimes it is because my companion and i don't always agree or have the same train of thought during the lesson. The things i Learned in Brother Morton's mission prep class are things that really have prepared me and given me a different understanding. How to suit that investigators better and not throw too much at them.That has been the most helpful thing to prepare for being here. On tuesday night we had another emeritus general authority Benjamin B Banks speak to us. He began with a few hilarious stories to catch our attention. As he served as a mission president in Scotland a missionary called him and said he needed to speak with him immediately about whether he was still worthy to serve as a missionary. They set up an appointment the next day and he worried all night over this elder. The next day the came in and their conversation went like this 
" President we were walking down the street this week and a groups of young women were having a pan bridle party"
"Whats that?"
"All the women surround you as you walk down the street banging pans and then asking for money and won't let you leave until you give them money"
"Well did you have any money to give?"
"I did and we gave them some"
"so then what happened"
"Well they don't let you leave until you kiss the bride to be?"
"You didn't?" Holding back laughter
"I did.  I'm so sorry, can i ever be forgiven?"
"go and sin no more"
 Needless to say he got our attention. HE also had some cool stories about working with Elder Scott. He was assigning missionaries and then all of a sudden Elder Scott made him go back four or five assignments. HE said something didn't feel right and changed the assignment for one of the missionaries.

Wednesday we got to host new missionaries as they arrived at the MTC, IT was sweltering heat and we we were supposed to be able to get a missionary through the entire process from car door to class in 10 minutes. It was more like 20 but it was a lot of fun to see what we looked like on our first day.
Today we got to go the temple for the first time which was very nice. They have 6 endowment rooms going and they can really move people through. IT was nice to finally get to go but it has definitely made p'day a lot busier. We play a game called spike ball during gym most days. WE take them up to the sand pits and dive all over the place. IT is a pretty fun game and we are getting pretty good at it.
I was talking to a Portuguese speaking sister  and she was talking about her branch president here at the MTC. I inquired a little bit further and she said he was a mission president in your mission. IT turns out its president Jackson. Ill have to see if i see him at all.

In response to your questions:

WE have not seen any authorities from the quorum of the twelve but i am always hopeful. 
The other Czech missionaries are from: 2 from Utah, 3 from Idaho, 1 from Arizona and 1 from Colorado. The sisters: one is from Guatemala and the other England but she was at BYU.
I assume the Czech Translations would be very good. However dear elder puts a question mark in for any symbol or letter with an accent so the are very hard to understand since a larger portino is accents and what not. My vocabulary is getting better but it is extremely hard to learn because we are so busy but we pick up a lot in class and on the language learning software. I also have a little book that i can study out of along with phrases that i am trying to learn.

My basketball game is alright. some days better than others. but we haven't played to much recently because we have been playing a lot of spike ball and have the gym is closed to fix some things so it is a little more crowded. I bought some liquid bleach today but the sand really stains some things so i will have to figure out something. And even when i wash my gym shorts they still smell afterwards.I pretty much only wear my washable slacks unless its a suit day. But when they're washed they lose a little of the crease. Any suggestions? I enjoy the quote immensely and the jokes. They always bring a smile but most others here don't appreciate good humor.

As far a topic i had thought of one earlier but am a little forgetful now. Obedience brings blessings, exact obedience brings miracles. The power of the Book of Mormon as well as the calling of Joseph smith. In all things will Christ remember us. Or have miracles ceased? i would say unto you nay and the importance of faith. Have you watched character of Christ yet? That's something worth the wait.

hope all is well and i love to hear from you throughout the week

Starší Hanis

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Week 2

Dobry den, this week time has really started to fly. There are no more problems falling asleep at night and getting up is hard. Falling asleep in class or devotionals may happen often, but we all keep each other awake. A few logistical things-- I could use addresses and emails of family members. I'm constrained by what i remember which isn't very much.

The dear elder letters are awesome and I hope to be able to respond today to the letters. The temple is still closed so we played basketball this morning at 6:40, had breakfast and now were writing emails while doing laundry. I have a feeling we will hit two more gym times before the day is over. Our zone is awesome and super athletic. The nice thing about companionship's is that there is almost always even numbers. Today i think we are having a beach volleyball tournament up by the temple. A little more information on our district and zone. Last transfer in the MTC, I don't think there were any Czech missionaries or very few. It sounds like the generally have 4 or so. In our zone we have 10 Czech speaking missionaries (8 elders, 2 sisters), 2 Slovak speaking (1 Elder, 1 Sister, one elder went home from this district), 4 Turkish speaking elders, 1 polish elder (one went home) we just got a polish sister, There is one sloven speaking elder and one sloven speaking sister (she just switched languages two weeks ago after learning a different language for her first three weeks. There are 4 or 6 Bulgarian speaking elders and one sister, there are also four or so elders speaking Serbian and Croation. We are very diverse but all pretty good friends.

Our first investigator is Bratr Knapp, He is a super cool guy and a fantastic teacher. In total we have three teachers. As i mentioned last week one of them got engaged, the other sister teacher got engaged, Monday as well. They are dropping like flies. The language is tough but we continue to learn more. My goal is to learn 30 vocab words a day which works out better some days then others. I was able to memorize our missionary purpose in Czech and have begun trying to memorize the first vision but that might take a little while. I have also tried to memorize a scripture a day in English but it is a difficult goal. The days go fast and there isn't much time. WE never have enough time to study. Our typical day consists of 6:30 wake up and prepare, however the people in my room like to get up earlier, 7:15 breakfast, 7:45 we are in the classroom studying and planning with the teachers beginning at 8:30. At 11:35 we have lunch and at 12:20 we are back in the class room. 3:20 we go to gym and then to dinner at 4:50. WE have a four hour classroom block after most days but that is an hour of personal, an hour of language and an hour of free study. It is hard to not get distracted and working hard always is hard? any suggestions? Gym is very fun and well needed. The language was getting easier but now we keep adding more. We conjugate verbs similar to Spanish but we also have two words for every verb one is a imperfect verb and perfect verb that describes the action of something. Twice as much vocab and applying is just as difficult. We need a lot of practice. Along with that we also conjugate verbs in what are called cases. everything you say has a different ending which we haven't learned how to do yet but starting next week. WE now have a teaching schedule and we teach our teachers as investigators. Our first lesson will be tomorrow, however we have TRC tonight where we teach a member in Czech. This will be an interesting experience and we can no longer use our phrase book. In 6 weeks this member visits will be done over Skye with members in the Czech republic. 

The dear elder works great and i really love to hear from everybody. I hope to be able to respond to more today. I got dads package, the box was kinda bettered and the soap box snap broke, It turns out they have a soap thing in the store so i was able to get it. as of right now i cant think of anything i really need but i have a few things written down back in the residence that i forgot. Pictures wise, any more water polo ones that are a little more impressive? Higher and bigger? i love all the pictures. There were a few i sent to your phone right before i left? any of those pictures. If you haven't had a chance to watch the character of Christ video you should definitely watch it. This week we went to see meet the Mormons. I do have to say the college football part made me miss home a little more especially this upcoming sports season. There was another video we watched showing how the church is grown. The lord is absolutely hastening his work. There are tons of missionaries and lots of languages. For the fourth of July we had a special devotional about the world, freedom and religion. It was about 2 hours long from about 8-10 at night. I did not hear all of it. After words we could go watch the fireworks. But we left because we could barely see them. Five minutes later the show really began and we had a small glimpse outside our window. We also had our first fast sunday. It is a day full of meetings at the MTC, We had and hour and a half mission conference, followed by priesthood, study time, then sacrament, (my companion and i passed the sacrament), then district meeting, temple walk, dinner, more study and a devotional. The sunday night devotional was by Jennie Oaks Baker and her family which was a very cool night to hear how talented they  are. They emphasize a 24 hour fast but ours was more like 20, still pretty close. The importance of being completely focused on the work and why we can only write home on pdays is important. Total focus is needed for the language and it is difficult enough as it is. On tuesday Elder Kondie, an emeritus general authority spoke. HE taught with power and authority of the calling of the prophet Joseph smith. HE emphasized the converting power of the first vision and converted an entire room full of missionaries young and old. It was a powerful meeting with the strongest spirit we have felt since being here. The witness that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God was greatly manifest and although he taught with power and authority it wasn't until the choir director changed the closing song to Joseph smith first prayer and we sang did we truly feel the spirit testify. There is great power in the witness that Christ appeared with heavenly Father. This is what sets us apart and we should never shy away from it.

Along with spiritual highs the work is hard but we have a lot of fun throughout the week. One elder in our district wrote the branch president and in his email he included two jokes?

1. Where do you find a dog with no legs?

2. What do you call a dog with no legs?

A1. Right where you left him

A2. It doesn't matter what you call him he's not coming

Just let those settle in on you

Our zone has had a thought about drowning a fly and resurrecting it with salt. Last night when we got home there was a dragon fly in someones room and they caught it. we proceeded to drown it and resurrect it. IT was pretty awesome!

Our quote of the week " how long does it take you to pick up your girlfriend? Oh about a year and a half"

Its been a great week, i hope to hear from you and such. The language is hard but good and exciting. There is lots of joy here and a unique spirit, I also saw Robby Ferguson yesterday. He just got here. It is cool to see all the new missionaries come in.

Hope all is well

Ya nase milovam
I love you all,

We ressurected the dragon fly

Two week in and we finally got our Preach my Gospels

Monday nights we get to clean our classroom

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Week 1

It has been a whirlwind of a week. Today is the first day we get to do laundry which at this point is a necessity.  The host took me to get all my books which weighed about ten pounds of language materials. I have scriptures and dictionaries and lots of resources. I still haven't gotten my preach my gospel in Czech because they were out of them, not exactly sure how that happens. From the moment I walked into our classroom our two teachers were super enthusiastic. They were gabbing away in some language that made no sense to us. We immediately began learning how to greet each other. Now for the details you want. There are ten missionaries going to the Czech Republic. Two are sisters and then four sets of elders. There are 3 missionaries going to the Slovak side but they are in a different classroom. 10 missionaries is quite unusual from what I hear and see. Our zone is probably the most diverse zone in the MTC. We have four missionaries going to turkey which a new mission was just formed. There is one elder speaking sloven. Single elders and sisters are solos and we have 5 in our zone. We have a few Bulgarians who are also speaking Croatian. Polish and a few other languages are all covered. It is pretty cool. In some ways its nice to be in a bigger group but you definitely see how small the church is in other areas. 

My companion is Starsi Plewe (the si should both have accents on it) Elder is pronounced as Star-she. All of the languages in our zone are very similar so that is cool. My companion is from Cortez Colorado. Hes a pretty nice guy, but really likes to talk. We get along pretty well. We are a really close district and zone and have a place of belonging. 

The first week was pretty abnormal due to mission presidents training. They took over 1M which holds the cafeteria and a lot of other things. We were not allowed to set foot in it until Monday. Over those three days all of the general authorities were here including President Monson on Sunday, But being lowly missionaries we did not see a single one. There was a special choir that sang for them but it was organized before we got here and was the best of the best. Even the devotional on Sunday wasn't with one of the apostles which was slightly disappointing seeing as they had all been here. On SundayElder Stephen B Allen, the managing director of the MTC spoke which was a very good lesson on keeping our heads up and doing good. It was a little unusual because he really liked to sing and we sang lots of songs together. On the Tuesday devotional Elder Sitati spoke to us about building our foundations but I cant say i heard every word

Back to when we first arrived we had a meeting with the MTC presidency and that was the first time we sang Called to Serve. Singing here is amazing with so many missionaries. I think right now there are about 2000 missionaries in the MTC but that number grows every Wednesday. The first two days in class we learned how to testify and greet each other. Our third day Friday we taught our first investigator Alese. It was quite the experience but we took a stack of books with us in to figure out all the phrases we needed. We have now taught four total lessons and some are good and some are not as great but it is the spirit as the teacher. After today we can no longer take our phrase books into the lessons. But our speech is becoming more advanced as we learn helping verbs. we can pray and talk and understand a fair amount of what is said. We have two girl teachers who are very nice. One of them got engaged the other day which is slightly humorous.

Everyone says they wished they had studied more scriptures or more preach my gospel before there mission. I now understand why. There is almost no time for any studying. We have and hour of personal, companionship, and language but it is all for our investigator which is something i am learning. Nothing is about us as we serve, study, or learn. Church on Sunday was slightly interesting as we normally have sacrament in 1M. But instead we had it in another building. where the fire alarm preceded to go off. We moved to our hallway by our classrooms and set up something that resembled an airplane to continue. On Sundays there are lots of meetings and lots of study time. We also get to go on temple walks with our district. The temple is currently close for cleaning which i think we get to do next week. If not that is where i would be right now. Sunday nights we get to watch movies. They recommend we watch character of Christ by elder Bednar which i no highly recommend for you all to watch. It describes how to become converted unto the lord and turn outward instead of inward. It was definitely a change of thought for me. I have already begun to dislike the notion that baptism is the definition of success. We have a baptismal date for our investigator but sometimes others just feel likes its a check list and they want to teach the lessons to make it happen or shy away from things so they don't. But hopefully we can work on that attitude. I have tried to make a change to focus more on the language of the spirit instead of Czech and I seem to be keeping up with both. 

Just so everyone knows, dear elder is a site that prints letters out for missionaries. They get delivered twice a day. So if there's every anything immediate you can tell me that day. I got my pants from Mr. Mac, my retainers, a letter from Jamie as well as the letter from dad. Thank you for my pen, the old one is not up to par. There is no time like I said to think about home or myself except in my nightly and morning prayers. I cant believe its been four years.

A few questions:
Whats going on in the world? I heard gay marriage was legalized
Where does Babe Live? one of the solo sisters in our zone is from around her.
Pictures I want: House, water polo, pictures of friends or some that I sent to dad

Your questions
I think i am the only one that has been to Prague. The two sisters in our district, one is from England the other is from Guatemala. The one from Guatemala speaks four languages and already did the MTC learning for Czech over Skype because she was supposed to report in April and is basically fluent in Czech. The other sister is from England and also speaks three languages. They are far ahead of the elders. The food, like i said the first week was a little weird but we had cafe rio, taco bell, chick fil a and papa johns for a meal. Back in the cafeteria some are good, some are not so good but we are finding the balance and working to not stuff ourselves. WE have gym time for about an hour almost every day. Sometimes we play soccer, basketball or spike ball. we sang in the choir on Tuesday and when we rehearsed it sounded good but when we performed we had choirs of angels around us because it was ten times better. I make my bed and hang up my clothes. we are not allowed to listen to music in the residence so i don't know what others do. The teachers are fairly young. I'm not sure how long ago they served. Any questions just dear elder before next Thursday and ill try and answer them. I am trying to work hard and i'm keeping the rules. Exact obedience is definitely stressed and my companion feels the same way.

Some things that i could use:
Another pair of basketball shorts (the blue or red ones), something to hold a bar of soap, gold bond foot powder or something to help keep odor down. More athletic socks. The short black ones. my slippers, water bottle( maybe it could or could not be useful.
Ap scores and IB scores should come out this week i think you have everything to be able to check. IF not talk to brinn or steven.

Thank you for the letter,
 The language is coming but it is difficult but it is cool to hear it. Its not as foreign as it seemed on the first day.
In Mathew chapter 8 it says Jesus was taken to a high mountain is that a temple? or an exception?
 I hope to hear from anyone and everyone. Please send my letter out to anyone. Ill try and give more details about gospel learning next week or in a written letter.

This week "We share the apostolic calling to share the gospel throughout all the world" we are the only people that share the title Elder with the apostles. I hope all is well and love hearing from you


It is hard to look at lavell Edwards when it is so close

All the Elders in our district

This is how I like to study, IS that enough materials for you?

WE use a software called TALL. We are on the copmuter for about an hour every day to work on the language. This is the view from the computer

Me and our District Presidnt

My companion and I at the end of our first day

Love you all,