Saturday, April 29, 2017

Week 7 - Prague

Well this has been another busy week! We had some really cool experiences. four days in a row people just wanted to meet at once. Last Saturday we were in a park and a guy was sitting down. We started talking to him and he asked us to sit down and we had a lesson for about 30 minutes. Then come Sunday, we walk out of the church building, meet this guy and he wants to sit down and talk. He comes in and we make some čaj and have a lesson. Then Monday in the park and we talk to a guy and we go sit down on the grass and teach. Tuesday a guy right in front of the building has time for a building tour! Pretty cool little miracles. It was a good week all in all. I was on an exchange for at least a part of every day. 
Monday I was with other missionaries in Prague. Then Tuesday missionaries from Bratislava came and we had a great exchange with them. We went tracting and both of us felt like we should tract this one house. Right before we rang the doorbell i realized it was the stake presidents house. That was almost awkward! Phew. Wednesday it was cold and rainy and all our plans fell through. One cool thing was we were supposed to do a singing display at this one spot. We had ended up going by tram instead of metro. and the other missionaries had decided to get off the metro one stop early. At the metro stop where we wanted to sing there had been an accident down below. Cool to see the lord watching out for us. 

That night we wanted to drive the missionaries back to Bratislava on our way to Ban-ska Bystrice. What should have been a two hour drive to Brno took 5 so we had to stay the night in Brno. And then 5 more hours the next day to banska bystrice. We were little stopped on the freeway and got out and talked to some people! Fun times. Thursday we were in Banska Bystrice and had good exchanges we found a few new investigators and tracted some panalaks. Things were good. It was fun to be with those missionaries . One Elder Bednar was in the MTC with us. His parents are going to be mission presidents so he is going home in two weeks. We told lots of stories from the MTC and our missions. On the 6 hour drive back to Prague on Friday we felt we should all of a sudden tract in this little town we were driving though. No idea why but we did. Not too much seen success. There were no problems on the drive so we were blessed! We got back and went to a wedding ceremony for two YSA in the ward. IT was fun but kinda weird. For the Music as they walked down the aisle it was the music from Star Wars. Darth vader for the groom and the good music for the bride. Pretty funny! We had a great visit with a member after and had a good P day today. Played some more squash this morning and went to a museum after.

Its been a good week! This week we have two trainings, two exchanges, stake conference and some meetings! Things are great
Love you!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Week 6 - Prague - Easter

Easter was a great weekend and also Monday here in the Czech republic. We got to do a few visits and We again had a table on the street showing the video from the church to everyone! Sunday night as a district we all went over to presidents home and we cooked Halusky (it's a big meal from Slovakia) for president and his wife. IT was a blast. It was like cooking with Mom and Dad. We used about 5 Kg of potatoes, 3 kg of bacon, and 1.5 kilos of bryndza (goat cheese from Slovakia) IT was a great Easter meal! 

We had a lot of cool experiences with sharing the video about Christ. Members showed it to lots of their friends. We had one opportunity to share it was one of their friends. And we got to testify lots that Christ lives. It is the best message that we have.

On Easter Monday we got to visit the bishop with the senior couple here in Prague and they made burgers for us which was pretty fun! We had a great visit and that night we had the last FHE with that senior couple before they leave. 
We had a great lesson with Michal this week about The atonement and he is going to pass the sacrament this week for the first time! Thursday we had MLC which was great. WE focused all on finding, and urgency and recent converts we had some great discussion and we will have some great zone trainings soon. President bought a copy of the power of everyday missionaries for all the leaders so we have been able to read that too and it is great! I had an exchange with my district leader on Friday and had a good day. 

This week we had one cool experience. We were waiting above a metro stop for a lesson that was supposed to come. She hadn't come and I saw I guy and had the thought I needed to stop him and talk. Didn't listen. about 15 seconds later we decided the lady wasn't coming so I took off running after that guy. Down into the metro, down the escalator just as the train got there and hopped on and started talking to him. turned out to be a really nice guy and had a family. In the end, didn't want to meet but it was cool to see that he was open to hearing our message. IT was a great week and lots more to come! 

Love you all!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Week 5 - Prague

Another busy week! We finished conference last Sunday which was great! The talks were good! Sunday night we got to go visit the stake president and his family and shared the Easter video with them. It was a really spiritual visit. We have had the opportunity to visit a lot of members and share the video and everyone has had someone to mind with whom they would want to share it. If you haven't seen it, its on so go and watch it and share it too! Monday we had a good day. After our meetings in the morning president came out and gave us his tablet to go finding with for a while! That was pretty fun! 

Tuesday a sister that has been visa waiting came into the country! We went to the airport and picked her up and things. Always fun. Wednesday we headed to plzen on an exchange. Their bishop has gotten them a market spot on the town square to show the Easter video and talk to people all week! We helped out with that and did some good things! We ended up bringing back other missionaries from CBUD to  help us that night before interviews with president. Elder Shirley and I were together and had a pretty fun member visit. When we asked if we could do anything for him, he said he had been waiting to ask. The doctor had forgotten to take on stitch out of his head and his wife wouldn't do it. Well its out! Thursday we had an interesting meeting in the morning and then in the afternoon we had a special district meeting about Christ. Followed by a district dinner at presidents and then we had a mission prayer through teleconference. to start a mission fast for missionary work. It was a really spiritual moment. President is so inspired. After wards i had a great interview with him. 

Friday here in Prague we had a television out on the street and talked to people for hours! President even came out and contacted with us! Pretty fun! We ended our fast and had a great night.

Today was a fun P day. We played squash in the morning with all the elders and then we went and toured around Prague. Looking at churches and fun things. Lots of Fun. We had some last active finding and contacting tonight and had a lot of success. We found two families! Excited for a new week and it should be good! 
Love you!