Saturday, June 24, 2017

Week 15 - Prague

Well its been getting pretty warm here this week! Lots of great teaching happening too! Last week at the inspirational nights two new families with Kids came! Hopefully well start meeting with them soon! We also set up with a different family again and had a good lesson this week at her friends home. There was a lot of visa work this week. Inevitably something always goes wrong. Either we make a mistake on the form or the Visa place tells us the wrong date but we are learning to have more patience! 

Tuesday we had training in Brno and it went pretty well! I have learned a lot about commitments and things are good! We drove with president to training and he had us drive on the way back so he could work. But we just ended up talking the whole way. President and his wife are amazing! They took us out for ice cream and we always end up talking about marriage and the second coming. He is one of the most faithful guys. He gave an amazing training about faith again! We brought back with us missionaries from Slovakia to have an exchange here in Prague! Missionaries in Slovakia almost never get to come here so they were pretty excited and we had really great exchanges! They are pretty young in the mission and should take some fire back to Slovakia! 

We had some funny experiences this week. Elder Carlson ran straight into a pole while helping a lady with her bags. We met two African guys from London who want to find a church here. Jana passed her baptismal interview and is getting baptized next Saturday! We started doing a feasibility report for Smart phones in our mission and had a lot of great things happening! Today we are headed to Brno again for the first stake priesthood meeting. It'll be a fun pday! Things are going great! Love you all

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Week 14 - Prague

This week was an awesome week! Last Sunday we had a few miracles. 2 of our investigators came to church which was  great! And that meant we only needed to find 3 new investigators to hit standards. We hadn't found anyone new all week. But we said a prayer and the moment we left the building we saw a young guy just standing waiting. We ended up teaching him right there and he set up to meet again. So there was one. Then we had a lesson with an investigator from trebic that just moved here. We set a new baptismal date for the first with him. Then that night we had the inspirational night. We went on splits. I was teaching our investigator destine with president and his son and daughter in law. And Elder Carlson was teaching this new family that came! Destine ended up accepting a date for the 15 of July and the new family set up to meet! Sunday was a Fantastic day and we've hit standards all four of the first four weeks of the transfer! The lord has been blessing us with great people to teach! 

Monday We spent a lot of time preparing our training. We trained about commitments but we were trying to show how to give commitments by using questions in better ways. We prepared lots of examples and it was one of the hardest ones to give! Training went pretty well on Tuesday! And we started an exchange. I was with Elder Shirley and we got to go to the Sedivys to teach Jana and the new family! They fed us dinner and we had a great thought with them! We finished that exchange had an hour and we taught a lady who owns a wine store and then started another exchange. I was with a missionary in his second transfer. He had a goal to give out a book of Mormon. We raised the goal some and in the first hour we had already given out two. we went to a park where there was a big 5k team run happening and we found lots of happy successful people to talk to. 

We had another great lesson with Jana and things are going really well! Today we had a barbecue with members and investigators which was fun! Things are going great! We have another training this week and some exchanges again. We are busy and happy! I've been studying lots about the signs of the Second Coming. There is no doubt that we are in the final moments. The scriptures and the church are true.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Week 13 - Prague

This week was a great week! Fast Sunday was great and we saw a few cool miracles. We hit standards for the 3 week in a row and on the way to inspirational night we met a woman. She said she wasn't interested but we kept talking to her and we were on the bus and she opened up about how her son stopped believing. She ended up asking us if we had 2 minutes right then to come and meet her son. Got to go over and go inside which was a pretty big step! 

Monday morning a senior couple that just arrived was in Prague and we took them around Prague for about 2 hours showing them the city and things which was fun! While talking to some people on the street my companion tried to show someone where our building was with a pretty exaggerated wave of the hand and ended up smacking me in the face! The investigator was a little sketched out after that... But it all worked out. We got to have breakfast with president this week and we got to visit the patriarch and give him a blessing before an operation. 

We had some really cool lessons with Jana this week! She is loving reading in the book of Mormon. We taught about the word of Wisdom and after explaining what it was she said " i don't understand why were talking about this, i don't drink, smoke, do drugs, and i don't like coffee" She was totally fine with it and tithing just went right with it later. She prayed to know if the Book of Mormon was true and she could barely wait till we said the prayer when she blurted out she knew it was true and that she read a chapter all about her in it! Her story is so cool! She is awesome and her baptism should be in 3 weeks. We had some other great lessons. One with a cool young girl who read the plan of salvation pamphlet like 5 times and just kept saying this is so much better than what i've been taught and is searching for church. Friday we got to go to Brno which is like going home and i got to be with E'der Collins who i trained more than a year ago! So fun to be in that city and work with him again! Its been great! Elder Carlson and i are doing good! Lots going on. This week well have a couple exchanges and training and visa stuff! Things are good! Love you all!

I got pooped on by a bird. President let me borrow a shirt.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Week 12 - Prague

I forgot the most important thing from last week. It was presidents birthday! We think we got him the best present!
It says your bros in Czech. Its sitting on his desk now!

Well it has been busy here this week! Two exchanges, MLC, a district leader training and teaching and finding! Last Sunday we were waiting outside the building greeting people as they were coming when this girl walks up, she looked pretty familiar, but we didn't know who she was. She told us we met her and invited her to church so she came. And then stayed for all three hours and took notes, And now we've had another lesson with her! It was a really cool experience! Also Jana came to church and to the inspirational night. We've been teaching her for about 3 or 4 weeks and she accepted a baptismal date of the first. Before coming to Church she was pretty hesitant to meet more than once a week but she came up after asking if we could meet more during the week! She came on Tuesday and we said the prayer and she says "so are we gonna talk about how to prepare for baptism?" Shes way elect! She found 1 Nephi 3:7 and she says its her favorite scripture! 

Another cool experience Sunday night was on the way to the inspirational night on the metro i noticed a lady watching us. We got off at our stop and i told Elder Carlson we needed to talk to her so we jumped back on the metro and she ended up setting up with us! It was awesome!

Monday was a busy day running around buying stamps for visas and getting things prepared for the different meetings. We got home really late. Tuesday we had breakfast with president at his house before we had a call in meeting with all the district leaders. That went well and we then started an exchange with Bratislava. We had a good day. We got to go to that Americans house that night for taco Tuesday and on the way we were late and running and i got a tree branch with my foot and hit the road pretty hard. I tore up my nicest pair of pants, broke my watch and got a good road burn on my am but its all good now and we had a good visit with them. They said they would come to church! The tacos Didn't sit too well after so wednesday was an interesting day. We had MLC in Hradec Kralove. IT was one of the best ones yet. We talked about faith and personal commitment. He got really emotional talking about the faith of Ephraim hanks and making the sacrifice and personal covenants with God. It was one of the coolest moments. I had never seen him like that. But things are going really well. We have a goal of 100 baptisms in the year and its almost the half way point and we are at 14. But all of MLC was about how to achieve that and we are seeing miracles across the mission. 4 people got baptized today. Next week another 3 should and more and more are coming. IT is the greatest time to be here! 

On the way back to Prague from MLC we tried to stop and visit a referral in a little city. We got to his street but didn't have his house number. We knocked all the doors and asked everyone and no one seemed to know this guy. We finally asked two young guys and they said he knew him but lived on the other side of town. We went there and asked everyone and we eventually found his house and his old mother and we found the guy with the same name but it wasn't the same referral because it had come from america! Pretty crazy.

We had one other teaching experience where a guy just wanted to bash on the prophet Joseph and we just bore testimony until he was quiet and the spirit in the room was almost touchable but he just denied. In the end he couldn't leave the building. Something just kept him there but he wouldn't accept a challenge to ask God. It was pretty sad. But We learned a lot about power and authority.

Its been an awesome week! This week is going to be just as busy! Hope you all are well! Love you!