Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 8 - česka, poland... Germany?

Hey all,
This week was a great week! Things are still tough here but we are slowly growing! There is lots of opposition especially right now across the Czech republic but lots of good things coming! Like this week we might get green hymnbooks! They have been waiting for years to get them and it is close and should be shipped by now! We are expecting 60 here in Liberec! Among other things the Freiburg temple will be rededicated in October, The Mormon tabernacle Choir is coming to Germany, We have district conferences and lots of things! We are excited for what is in store! But ill tell you a little more about this week!

We started off with District meeting on Tuesday. I did a sort of District inventory. I wrote on the board In our District we enjoy... we like... dislike etc. About 10 different things and talked about components of strong relationships. Namely forgiveness, love, and things like that. At the end we each said something about each of us what we do good and what we thought we could improve. It seemed to really strengthen the relationships here and it was really cool.

We had a really cool lesson with this investigator Daniel this week. We had seen him on the street before our lesson and he had a friend with him. He asked if he could bring him too. Daniel is about 18 or 19. It turns out it was his little brother. We had the coolest lesson with them about the restoration. At the end we prayed and Daniel just said "Wow, I really felt something strange during that prayer" It was so cool. We weren't able to meet with him but saw him a few other times this week. I talked to him Saturday night on the street and said he talked to his girlfriend about coming too! And then the jaw dropper! "Yeah I've been telling all my friends about what i felt. I have like 10 that want to come. Can we do that next week?" It should be fun! We are excited! We also had another interesting lesson this week. It is with an investigator who really didn't like our message too much. He saw us go to the building one afternoon. We were about to eat lunch when our zvonek rang. It was him. We had a lesson about his concerns and finally we invited our branch president to come in(he had been working in the other room) Those were the last words we said. Our branch president Killed it! for an hour with scripture after story after scripture and testimony. It was a learning experience! However he still has lots of doubts and won't read the book of Mormon. It can be frustrating!

Another cool experience this week was on a bus. I contacted this two people and then the bus driver said something. I thought he said to stop so i waited patiently. He looked like the same one that gave me an assigned seat a few weeks ago. He seemed to be motioning to me but i pretended i didn't understand. As i got off the bus he asked me what i was offering people. I said faith and god. He then asked us to ride to the end of the stop with him and talk about it. We weren't able to but we left him our number. It was just cool to see how he was interested when everyone else wasn't!

We also helped an English student this week translate a court case! He is an investigator and he needed help making the English sound more right. It was kinda cool! Valentines day came and went here. Good news was chocolate was on a major sale. I may have had some good chocolates. We have been doing lots of tracting recently but not too much going on! Sunday night however that family we met a couple of weeks ago said we could come back again! we are excited for that!

However the big thing of the week was Saturday! It was the longest day of my mission. We had studies in the morning, took a bus to the building to have language study with the sisters. Then we had a lesson fall through so we grabbed lunch and headed to the train station. The train starts going and 20 minutes later we aer in Poland.... Uh oh and ten minutes later we are in Germany! However we made it back into the Czech republic to visit a less active! Don't worry we had permission to be on the train! We had a good visit with him, and then had a train back doing weekly planning on the way. We got back and had the coolest lesson with this guy Adam. He said he wanted to study the Bible with us but ended up just wanting to know about Joseph and then the plan of salvation and then baptism! Super cool lesson. We then had a another lesson that fell through so we took off to tract for an hour and then back to the building to clean it for Sunday and home! It was a full day!

Sunday was a great day. The only problem was we had all three hours of church in the chapel.. It was kinda long! But still great! We tracted Sunday afternoon and then Monday came! This morning i had visa work in Prague. I was with my old MTC group which was lots of fun and then we had lunch together and went and explored Prague. It was a fun day! This week will be another busy week! We have to go to Prague on Friday again for my companion and his Visa and then next week again for training. Other than that things are going well!

Love ya!


Nope poland! We had strict instructions not too exit!


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