Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 7 Liberec

Hey all,
Things are going great here in Liberec and missionary work is picking up. After last week of lots of finding we got to begun harvesting some of our labors. We had almost 3-5 lessons set up each day which is more than i have taught as sit down lessons my whole transfer here in liberec. This week in total we had about 25 lessons set up mostly with phone numbers also. 17 ended up not showing up... But those 8 that did were all in groups of two and became new investigators! We found some really cool people! There was the wife we found last week while tracting that agreed to let us come back. Wednesday night this week, we went back and rang the zvonek. Random fact here in houses they all have about 3 or 4 families. who live in them. So we rang their zvonek. The husband came to the door... we explained that we were here as missionaries, yelling through the fence. He then said yes my wife said something about that. You can come in. It was such a cool lesson! We just started and taught them the whole restoration. They weren't much of believers. But they said they would read the book of Mormon. They gave us some tea and were super nice. They have teenagers and are exactly who we are looking for. It was awesome! We have also taught a couple of 15 and 16 year old boys this week that has been really cool! We did have to drop our two baptismal dates but we have a lot of other people that could be prepared.

This week in district meeting i talked about relationships with members. We have had about 10 people at church the last couple of weeks. We talked to the branch president and 6 months ago they had 35 every week! It is crazy how much opposition we are facing right now here. The stake is around the corner. He told us we have the numbers and we are just waiting to see. Satan is working so hard and missionary work has really struggling but we keep pushing on and are starting to see things start again. Agency, opposition and faith is president mcConkies favorite thing to talk about and where they all fall together. We had some funny stories this week. one of those 15 year olds prayed with us and he prayed in his prayer that he can find a pretty wife and have 3 kids. It was quite the specific prayer!

We did some more tabling this week which we have seen really have success. When we have lots of Book of Mormons in lots of different languages people are just interested. We found a few new investigators and gave out about 5 books.

We had one of the weirdest lessons this week! We had taught a mom on the street the other day who set up for something this week. She couldn't do it at the time so we changed it to Friday. We couldn't remember exactly where we had met so we tried to find it about 10 minutes early. We walked past this couple who we recognized the dad. We had contacted him a few weeks ago, and he didn't want to talk to us. So we said hi and just kept going. They then called out that they had a meeting with us. It was such a strange start and then just got stranger. They said they would come to church and we talked a little about baptism and they said see ya later. we were so confused still! But it was still cool. This week we had a little snow again but it is pretty warm and all melted. Heavenly father knows we love to contact in the snow. During our studies the snow had stopped but as we got ready to go out again. He turned it back on for us!

I was having a harder day this week. When all of a sudden this lady flicked me off! That never happens here at least not that sign! It just got me going! We also met two old geezers this week. They were hilarious. As we told them we were Mormons they talked themselves into something that we were all living together in houses with men and woman. It was pretty hilarious. They were pretty funny guys! Didn't have interest. But got us laughing pretty good. We have done a lot of tracting this week and have more on plan. We are excited for things that are coming! We have lots of things going on still.

Fast Sunday was great and we had a really cool fast. Everyone bore their testimony. After a woman called us who we left a card with and wanted to meet! So cool! We had a meeting with her tonight but she lives in another town and is actually coming tomorrow.
One of our investigators came across some anti material this week so i had a fun conversation over the phone but things are going well. Love hearing from you and hope you have a great week!

Love ya,


I think it looks like Utah at night