Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 5 in Liberec

This week was another good week! Before i forgot i wanted to ask for ideas on tabling. I am sure there are pictures of other missionaries and cool things they have done! We need some ideas! This week was really cold to start and we had snow almost all day every day until Friday. We were freezing and spent most of the time out side. We had district meeting this week and i talked about asking inspired questions. We took about 15 minutes to come up with questions to use in contacts on the street and i challenged us to use different questions and a different approach overtime we talk to someone. That helps rely on the spirit more instead of only getting in a routine and staying comfortable!

We had some trying experiences this week! We went to go tracting and were riding on a bus. On my side of the bus there were only two old ladies. I went and talked to one about family history and she was nice but not interested so i left and started talking to the next one. As I started talking this guy started yelling at me to stop harassing old women. He was not happy. He got off the bus at that stop and so i started talking to the old woman again. He saw me and lost it. He got in front of the bus and the bus driver came out and gave me an assigned sit for the remainder of the journey! It was pretty fun! Later this week we met an interesting man on the way home from Prague.. I'll save that story for later. As well as on Saturday we were service tracting and going door to door offering to shovel driveways and help. We stopped one guy and when we said have a nice day didn't take too nicely. He ended up trying to throw some dirty snow at us... Lets just say we were like Samuel the lamanite and he won't be playing in the majors anytime soon. We just get to hug it!

As for some other great things this week! We had exchanges with the APs in Prague. They were awesome! I was with Elder Brown who is actually a Slovak elder. It was pretty fun because he speaks Slovak and me Czech. I could almost always understand him. It was a great exchange and learned loads. We had a killer run that included a never ending flight of stairs and some great times. It is so fun to work in Prague. There are just so many cool people everywhere! I had my interview with president and it was good but really short. I had no questions mainly because i was ready to go out into Prague. We didn't have too much time. We got home Friday night and ended up setting up 4 people for the next day which we have really been struggling with. They all didn't come but we felt like things were beginning to turn and we now have another person on baptismal date. we will see how things go there! Other than that this week was really full and didn't begin to scratch the surface. I am about out of time so ill talk to you next week!

We have to warm our feet at lunch time!