Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 10 in Liberec

Ahoj! Greetings from... Prague! I am currently emailing from Prague... But i am staying in liberec. I am actually training! So my companion left today for olomouc and i didn't have a companion since our greenies don't get here until Wednesday. I am pretty pumped and it is going to be pretty fun! This week has been a pretty awesome week.

This week we started planning every thirty minutes of our time exactly where we will be and it seemed to make a difference. This week more than ever people on the street told us they could see something different in us. One said we had a fire in our eyes. It is cool to see that people can actually notice! Also on Tuesday for the first time in my mission someone who we set up a lesson with but didn't have their number came! Pretty cool! It was actually interesting. I ended up forgetting the keys to the church building so we had started talking outside when a member showed up (without keys) but she ended up teaching the whole lesson. It was really cool to see how things happen for a reason.

The highlight of the week was Wednesday! We had training in Prague and it was one of the coolest meetings. President had a killer training! It was about Joseph Smith. However as he started his presentation a picture of a man and woman came up on the screen.. Jan Pohořelicky and His wife.. They are our new mission president. He is a Czech! He lives in Trebic and is the ward mission leader there. It was the coolest spirit for us to feel that this is right. The Czechs now will have there own person at the head of the church. It is so cool and he is the right one for this country. President told us that in December he was in Brno and got out of his car in the parking lot and saw Jan he said he had the thought come that he would be the new mission president. Later that day he had a meeting with Jan and jan told him "President i just got a call from president Nelson of the Quorum of the 12 apostles and he wants to meet with me! How did the lord find me here in a little town in the Czech republic" IT was so cool and that just got things going. President went on to give his defense of the prophet Joseph. Joseph smith is a prophet of good. Period. IT was the coolest training. " If he was a fraud why invite people to replicate his experience" He talked about all of the experiences that he had with other people. It was the most powerful training. We are all here as missionaries because we had an experience with the Book of Mormon and Joseph smith. When we testify of Joseph we testify of Jesus Christ. Joseph took God out of the Box. It was the coolest meeting. Later Sister McConkie also gave a great training on Body language and the assistants trained on using baptismal calendars
We got home from Prague Wednesday night and my companion got a little sick... Think of Shads story in the corn field! So we got to go home for the night. Thursday was a good day and we found a cool family tracting, however he is a photographer and there house was very interesting.. We will leave it at that.Friday we had out culture night and saw Alice in wonderland. It was a ballet. It was interesting! But fun! Saturday we had a really good day. Invited back to that same families house and then had a good visit with a member and transfer calls!

Sunday was a good last day. We had a really good meeting and then branch council . We had fasted with in investigator who accepted a baptismal date and It was a solid end to the transfer. Now i am in Prague with the office elders. Tomorrow we have a meeting with president and we pick up our greenies on Wednesday! I am pumped and this week will be a lot of fun!

Love you all
Starsi Hanisz