Saturday, June 25, 2016

ONE YEAR OUT! Week 9 in Brno

It has been a great week here in Brno. It is hot! and humid. It feels just like Texas minus air conditioning. Last Sunday Michal was at church again and it has been great!  Monday was our last training with president and sister McConkie. It was a great training. Sister McConkie talked about pornography and avoiding it when we go home, The assistants trained on companionship study, and president talked about being a missionary's missionary, testimony and then gave his last Jesus thought. It was a super spiritual meeting. His Jesus thought was from Mark 9 about the father worrying about his kids. He talked about how three years ago he came, worrying about his kids and how the savior is there. It was sad to say goodbye but excited for what is in store! If anyone is in Utah next Sunday, it will be his homecoming. It would be worth it! Its in the imperial second ward at 12:30 p.m. 2768 Fillmore street, Salt Lake. He said we will go for a swim when i get home ;) 

Also i had a cool surprise from Elder Prohazka. He gave me a Red Book of Mormon. He was in Prague a few weeks ago and one of the assistants brought it to me. During communism they used these. They are small, and all red and just Have KM on the front. Really cool! 

On Tuesday we also had our culture night! We went to a play it was called Raduz a Mahulena. It was a fairy tale.  It was outside and right below that really cool cathedral. IT was way fun! 

Friday was my year mark, pretty crazy, time is flying. I got a call from Elder Collins in liberec,. The guy we found and started teaching should have gotten baptized yesterday. One year in. Pretty crazy. We met some really cool people this week! We had a member come contacting with us, which was really fun and have been sweaty! This week we have a busy week on plan. Next Saturday we meet our new mission president so our next p-day will be a week from Monday. Other than that not too much going on! Have a great week! Love ya!

Tyler and President McConkie

where they watched the fairy tale

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Week 8 in BRNO

This has been a great week! Last Sunday was a great day! We had a great church meeting and some good meetings. After wards we called the one guy who we had lost contact and he answered!! Since we have had two meetings and have resolved a lot of his concerns. He should be at church tomorrow! On Monday we had one of the more fun FHE at the church. We had gone out and contacted people about it earlier in the day inviting them but we hadn't had two much success but one of them ended up coming which was awesome! 

On Tuesday we had three lessons all with people named Tomas. It was pretty funny to go from one to the next and the last one of the day wanted to teach us Czech so we had language study with him and he was teaching us!

We have had a lot of rain here recently! On Wednesday it was raining the hardest i have seen here and we were contacting under a covered area. For an hour not a single person even acted like they heard us talking to them. Finally we just went out in the pouring rain and almost everyone listen in the pouring rain and we ended up finding a really cool guy! Just have to take the roof off see mark 2.

Our other investigator Bronislav is also doing great, after a lesson he paid tithing! Pretty crazy! 

Wednesday through Friday this week we were also on exchanges. From Wednesday to Thursday i was with Elder Merrill from Houston! He lived near the temple and we had actually been at some of the same places. We had a great exchange. The first night we went in a park and people were running on jogs. So we talk off with them and ran around the entire park and taught a lesson with one guy! Pretty fun! On Thursday Elder Stacey who was in my group in the mtc came and we had a great exchange. We had a goal to find a YSA girl we prayed about what she would be wearing and elder stacey said it would be a shirt with little flowers all over it. We found a ton of Girls with the shirt unfortunately none of them set up. Anyways it has been a busy and good week! Monday we have our last training with president here in Brno and then have a week until president PohoĹ™elicky will be here and two weeks before transfers. I hope you all have a great week! Love ya!

PS this morning we went on a Vylet to lednice with a bunch of YSA and had a great time! See the pictures!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Week 7 in BRNO

Well another week flew by! We lost contact with one of our golden investigators who was supposed to be baptized next weekend and the other one we had will be out of town. But we had some great things happen this week! Last  Sunday we had a broadcast for all of the Europe area, it was great! I may have missed a little though.. Tuesday we taught tithing to our one investigator. It was pretty awesome. We told him that tithing shows our faith in Christ. He said "Ill pay it because the church needs it to run, i don't know if i really believe the it will show my faith. But yeah ill pay it. Don't need to know where it goes, Don't really care but sounds good!" It was pretty funny. He accepted it! 

This week we met a pretty funny kid on the street from the Ukraine. About halfway through our conversation he asked where we were from. He did not believe we were from America so he said in English "lets speak English then" We said OK and started to and he spoke Czech the rest of the time. Pretty funny! Another Man who was baptized right before i got here called us this week and told us he wanted to talk about marriage with us and his girlfriend. Apparently they just got engaged. They are about 50 or 60 and we had no idea he had a girlfriend. It was pretty funny. This week also we had markets on the namesti here and i had halusky each day for lunch! Pretty healthy ;) 

We had a really great language study with some members this week and then we had an exchange with some elders. I was with Elder Shirley. We were in the MTC together. It was pretty fun to be together for a day a year later. We have come a long ways. During the exchange we handed someone a book of Mormon and he took it, opened it and smelled it. He said it smelled good. I promptly told him it was the Holy Ghost! Anyways its been a great week and have a great week on plan, a couple exchanges and then in a week have our last training with president McConkie. Things are great! love you all!

we made i'm a mormon cards

This is sweat from our runs!

a cool castle we saw

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Week 6 in Brno

Well another week has flown by! we had some great fun this week and some good things happened. Monday night we had a potential show up and brought three friends with him. It seemed as if they just wanted to debate. We were teaching in English with a member from Ghana. The best part was that at one point they asked a question that had nothing to do with what we were talking about and he answered "You have to drink the milk before you start chewing on the bones" Pretty great quote in the lesson! We taught with him again the next night but this time with a super solid kid we met who was a catholic. He described the restoration as how it feels when you pet a cat the wrong way but that he was really interested. WE had exchanges from Tuesday to Wednesday with Elders from Olomouc and we had a fun exchange. At about 4 we were in a park and one of the bigger storms i have seen here rolled through. Lets just say we were wet and looked pretty funny stopping people in the pouring rain without umbrellas and coats. But we had fun!

Thursday we took off to Prague and had exchanges with the AP's. We had two fun goals on my exchange. One was that we tried to introduce ourselves 15 different ways. A couple of highlights were bringers of good news, defenders of the faith. One that may not have worked so well was shepherds ;) We also tried to not ask a single yes or no question. Pretty hard but pretty great! I had my last interview with president which was bitter sweet but also great! Told me to go find him after the mission. On Friday we stayed in Prague and had our last MLC with president. In the morning we talked about the mission and planned the last training with president and then we had lunch and after lunch we had a Jesus Seminar. 2 hours of just talking about Jesus. WE talked about him as a leader and it was a super cool and spiritual 2 hours. Jesus is real, he was a revolutionary, he cared about the individual, and taught us how to return! It was a great day!

That's about it that is going on here. I finished my first journal this week and started the next one. We made Czech I'm a Mormon cards so we are excited for that and have a good week on plan!