Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 22 in Brno

IT has been a good week here in Brno, Fall is on the way and we have has cooler weather. WE had a pretty interesting week. AS always it is a blast with the four of us together. This week elder Shirley and i were on a quick teaching split. It was pretty interesting. The lady did not want us to teach her because she was so much smarter than us! She was blown away when we said we received spiritual answers. That's what we offer! 

Anyways we met a really cool guy from Ghana last week and had out first lesson this week. IT was way in depth about authority but went really well! Another guy here Brona finished reading the Book of Mormon this week! I have been meeting with him since i got to Brno! Pretty sweet! Our other investigator who had a baptismal date found work but hasn't had time to meet so we will see hot it goes! 

We had zone training this week. It was really good. President and sestra phorelicti spoke about God and teaching the first lesson. What words we can say and how we can teach so that people will be able to understand better. Elder Carlson and i also trained on teaching where we find and talking about the restoration. WE talked about finding nemo and how Marlin found nemo! There's a lot of parallels there! It was fun and went well! After training we went on exchanges with missionaries from Zlin. I was with Elder Johnson from Calgary Canada. Its his first transfer. IT was a good exchange and we learned a lot together.

Saturday we got to do service with a member. He said he had 15 trees he wanted to be taken out. The four of us had them out in thirty minutes and we had planned 4 hours. So we kept going, WE took out big cement poles and then started mozing. I mowed a lawn for 2 and a half hours. It was never ending. Didnt even finsih. We had a pretty fun sports night and our ward mission leader came to play florball. He almost played professional hockey here. He was way good! Sunday was a nice day. WE visited a few people and had a good day! Thats about it here! Hope you al are well

S laskou,
starsi Hanis

Monday, September 19, 2016

Week 21 in Brno

We are exhausted here in Brno. It has been a fun week and one of the busiest. We have had a lot of lessons  this week and have been traveling between them. IT has been a lot of fun. But our teaching pool is definitely interesting! On Monday we had FHE and an investigator brought rabbit for us all which was fun. We also had an interesting lesson with a YSA girl. We have gone on splits with the other missionaries a lot to cover all our lessons! IT is a blast with four of us. Our English class this week just got way cooler. A lot of them are becoming interested in the gospel which is sweet.

We had 3 meals with a member this week and that is definitely a record! ON Thursday we were in Prague for MLC. We have training this week and have a lot to get ready. IT should be fun! On Friday we had a great day. We met a really cool guy from Ghana and a member was with us. We sat down and taught about the book of Mormon and things it was way awesome! Saturday we got to go service tracting and had a lot of success and have lots of service lined up over the next couple of weeks. Sunday one of the members here brought his cousins girlfriend to church and we  are trying to work with her. Its been a great week! Things are going great and time is flying. The weather has cooled off a bit and everything is great! Hope you all have a great week! 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 20 in Brno

Its been quite the week! Elder Carslon and i hit it hard and we had a lot of lessons this week. We are still working to grow our teaching pool but we have an interesting area right now! There are four of us living together. Last week we bought 30 bags of cereal hopefully for a good portion of the transfer. It has been a fun week together! We are working with Richard towards baptism and are meeting with him every day to help him. He has a unique situation and we may have to move his date a little. But we will pray for the best. For the last 4 months in Brno i have gone to an Indian place for lunch pretty often this last week the guy asked about the book of Mormon and we may be able to teach him this week! We also found two mothers who we were able to return and teach a little more! 

One day in a park someone was reading harry potter and we got to relate It to the gospel! I had some interesting parallels. IT was pretty fun! We taught the law of chastity a few times this week. Always an interesting experience. The first time i haven't been able to hold it together. But that is a story for another time! On Saturday we did service with that member again and also threw Břemena . I am not sure what its called in englsih but its similar to a hammer throw and we threw javelins again. It was pretty fun! Saturday night we were in a park and ran into a less active member and ended up sitting down and talking for a while. The way we met and the reason we were there was definitely because god wanted us to meet! Sunday was a great day we were fasting with a member who is trying to stop smoking! We also searched for less actives and found one really nice guy who should be at FHE tonight! It has been a great week! Our land lord is building another dresser for us and we have a lot of things in Prague for our apartment with the four missionaries! Thins are going great! Hope you all have a great week! Love ya!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Week 19 in Brno

I am still in Brno for my third transfer here! Transfers were pretty wild and now we have four missionaries here in Brno. All living in our apartment. WE built bunk beds over the weekend. I am with elder Carlson and then Elder Shirley from my MTC group and elder Hymas are with us! 

This week was an interesting week. Tuesday night we had dinner with a member from Michigan which was pretty awesome! Wednesday morning we woke up and Elder Smith was sick and was sick and was sick. We were inside until Friday night and we dragged him to the building for sports night. Saturday we were able to work for the most part but was sick Sunday as well. It was a long week! Some highlights from the week though! Elder smith described his sickness and said in Czech that he was sick and then it burned.. But he meant to say it got worse.. It was pretty funny! 

Saturday we cleaned the building with the ward to get it ready for the temple dedication on Sunday. We built bunk beds and then got to watch the cultural celebration. It was way cool! And really spiritual. They talked a lot about communism and the affect in all the countries. At one point all the youth were dressed as missionaries and showed how the gospel came back in. It was a spiritual night. Sunday we got to attend two of the sessions in our building. It was cool to feel the spirit of the temple. Our building and the building in Prague were the only ones for the Czech republic and it was just like the temple. IT was a cool experience. 

Today has been a busy day. We picked up and sent different missionaries all day, then we went shopping and bought for 4 missionaries. And that's about it! Hope you all have a great week! Love ya