Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 9 - Liberec -- a busy week!

Like i mentioned last week we were in Prague on Monday and also Friday of this past week! That means we missed a good portion of time in our area but none the less it was a good week.
We started on Tuesday with district meeting. We talked about testimony and i read all of the quotes dad has sent me on testimony. I also had each of the people talk about something relating to testimony. The young sister missionary about being a new missionary. My companion about 2x2 and the other sister shared her dads conversion story. It was really cool and we ended with a testimony meeting.This mission means everything to me.

While in Prague on Monday we got mail! Thanks Shad for the package! It was fun and some things i needed as well! Also i got a bunch of talks from dad which related almost exactly to this one investigator we had. This week we had warmer weather but on Wednesday it started to snow, and snow, and snow. We went to the student housing in the morning to contact. There was a small hill going up to it. We got there and watched as cars would go up and then slide all the way back down. We contacted for an hour through the snow and it turned into a real dangerous situation. Cars would come up or down and completely lose traction spinning and slamming into poles and other cars! We offered to help some people and it was awesome! However the highlight was when we tried to go down the hill ourselves. My companion fell and could not get up and then a car started to come down the hill... We finally got him out of the way and they drove past us giving us not very nice looks. And then we see that heavenly father has a sense of humor. There car started spinning all the way down and come to a nice stop. They had no injuries or anything but were just a little embarrassed, We offered to help them and they said no go help this other guy first. They thought it would be a good idea to come help as well. They took one step out of the car and the made the other 30 feet to where we stood on there butts sliding along the ice right to our feet. They were more than embarrassed they had laughed at us/ It was pretty funny!
The cool family we were so excited about last week did not want to meet with us anymore. They met us outside there gate and gave us the Book of Mormon back. Then on Friday we were back in Prague and i got to go contact for three hours with Elder Stacy from my MTC group. We had a blast! It was really fun to be with him. Saturday we had 4 lessons set up and all of them fell through and it just rained and was cold.. Wasn't the funnest afternoon but we made it through! Sunday we did some tracting and ended up tracting into the same guy my companion contacted on the bus there. He let us in and we got to teach the restoration! Sunday night we had dinner with the Hanzalovi, the branch president here. It was almost like we were missionaries in America! It was quite the meal and the night. All of the food was organic and amazing! We had a really yummy Swedish dish with meatballs and mashed potatoes. It was so fun and they are the coolest couple. They have one little boy too! We were full! Today we had a fun pday and we went to the spot where Germany Poland and the Czech republic meet with one of the members. It was pretty fun! Other than that not too much going on! This is the last week of the transfer so we will see what happens on Saturday. We also have training on Wednesday and culture night on Friday! Have a great week! Love you all!