Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 11 in Liberec -- new companion

Man this was a full week! As I mentioned last week i was in Prague from Monday until Wednesday and it didn't disappoint! It was quite the leap day. We had FHE there in Prague and they have a huge YSA it was such a fun night to meet all of those members there! After that I was with the office elders to teach a lesson when the Assistants ran in telling them their apartment was flooding. It had started to snow and had turned into a blizzard. The five of us took off to their apartment. As we waited on the steps (the office elders were already in their apartment) One of the AP's who got to Prague in the morning got  a call from president. Turns out it was the assistants apartment flooding... So we raced back to the church building and hopped in their car with a 15 minute drive there. We arrived about 8:45 and the neighbors down stairs were livid! So we raced up and to make a long story short the water boiler had broken. This neighbor was not too happy but we got it all cleaned up and it was still leaking by about 10:30. We had a bucket under it and we needed to change it. So every thirty minutes through the night we had an alarm go off to change it. All 5 of us slept there and it was quite the night.

Then came Tuesday. I was in the office in the morning and had a question about free masons so I went and talked to president for about 30 minutes. He is the coolest. WE had a great conversation and I learned a ton. Nothing better than getting to talk to president. Then we contacted and at 5 we had a meeting at the McConkies house for all of the trainers. It was a really fun meeting and after wards had diner. 3 of the other trainers were from my MTC group as well so it was a really fun meal and just got to talk with president and sister mconckie and all the missionaries. After diner we had permission to be out until 9:30 and go walk around Prague. Elder Stacy from My MTC group took off and saw all of Prague like we did on our first day in the country. It was a pretty fun night!

Wednesday morning we had the meeting to pick up our greenies . It was pretty fun! My new companion is Elder Collins from California. He is a pretty cool guy and went to byu for a year already. He is a really good missionary. As we traveled to the bus station we talked with a woman who gave us her number but got off without giving us her name so he stuck his head out yelling after her at the top of his lungs. Our first day in Liberec we set up 6 lessons for the next day and he did 2 of them on his own. It was pretty crazy!
As for other stories this week, we met a really interesting guy who told us that Jesus was a guy sent back in time to fulfill the role that people created for someone named Jesus.... You can't tell me Joseph isn't a prophet! We also had a really cool meeting with a Muslim man. It was really interesting and he believes almost identical to us. He believes another prophet was called in the 1800's it was really interesting.

We also had a really cool meeting with a guy we met a few weeks ago. He accepted everything but didn't want to make a change in his life. During the lesson though I learned so much from the spirit. It was pretty cool. 

One of the other good ones was from my companion at church. The branch president asked him a question in English and he just could not understand. He responded in Czech that he didn't understand and it happened three times! IT was awesome!

Another good one was when he didn't understand and he asked the investigator a question He said, "So you're not going to pray because you don't want to receive an answer from god?"  It was awesome. We are having a lot of fun

Sunday was a good day but we had a lot of opposition! We got assigned seats on a bus once. Two other people yelled at us and stared us down. We had some interesting contacts. That means this week is going to be a good week!

Speaking of this week! Tomorrow we are going to Prague for my visa work(last one) and then have exchanges with the APs. On Wednesday we are going to Brno for new missionary training and on Saturday and Sunday we will be in Prague again for district conference! Lots of things going on! Have a great week! Love you all!