Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Week 10 in Ostrava -- Halloween and Fall

We are in the Fall season here. IT is gorgeous. The weather is cool during the day and cold at night and all of the leaves are changing. I have fallen in love with this one park in Ostrava. IT is beautiful. 

Things are going well and it was quite the week. Tuesday was the first day my companion and I were together and we had quite the day. We taught about 8 lessons on the street (Normally we have 20 lessons in a whole week) and had 5 new investigators. Since then none of them showed up to their next lesson, but still was quite the day. Last week at training I did get Shad's care package- full of medicine and fun things. I am getting a cold so that will come in useful this week. 

This week there were a couple of interesting experiences. We were doing a chalk display at this bridge and I saw a guy I had talked to before. Before I could talk to him he started saying thank you thank you. He proceeded to tell me how when he talked to me three or four weeks ago it was at the exact same time that his son was in a car accident. He showed me a picture and it was really bad, but that his son was perfectly fine. He said it was angels that had helped him and all because he talked to us. I told him that we had a book that if he read it he could see more miracles in his life and gave him a Book of Mormon but it was an interesting experience. 

We also had a Halloween party this week! We didn't know about it till Sunday so it was all on the missionaries. It was Friday and supposed to start at 6... at 6 it looked like it was about to be a disaster. But we ended up having a great time and it was a great event/ We had a lot of non members and a few members as well. WE had alot of classics such as Donuts on a string and bobbing for apples. I may have been the champion of the donut.. IT was quite a fun night and we had great things out of it.  Sunday was fast Sunday and was the longest fast I had done. We fasted until about 8:30 Sunday night. We also taught Our investigator Saturday, about tithing and fasting. She fasted with us to receive an answer. Sunday she was at church and we didn't have a meeting but she ended up hanging out with members all day and we taught one of them later that day and she was there. After, we followed up about fasting and baptism. and she told us how she knows its true and that it is what she has been looking for her whole life. It has been so cool to see. WE met her 3 or 4 weeks ago and has since been to church everyweeek. comes to every activity and loves the church. IT has been great! Such a cool experience and testimony builder about fasting and prayer. There has been a lot to learn and a lot more that this transfer has in store. Czech continues to come a long and i am understanding more and more. It is really fun. The people here are really prideful about their language that it is so hard. It is rather fun to see their shocked faces when we say i have been here for two months. There is no growing in a comfort zone and every day brings something new. IT has been a great week. I hope all is well.  Love, Tyler