Sunday, November 29, 2015

Tyler's Thanksgiving

Well we made it and lets just say this week did not let down nor stop!

Monday was not a p-day like normal so we worked hard that day and then were up at 2 in the morning to go to Prague. We met with an older woman who decided she was coming to Prague with us! It was pretty weird at first but also cool! We ended up giving her a tour of the Prague building before training! We brought our investigator all the way to Prague!

We had a fantastic training! a lot about how to teach with members, what our Christmas schedule will be, and then the sister training leaders trained about how to use time better. They ended up sending us on exchanges in the middle of training! Gave everyone bus tickets and a new companion and sent us out into Prague. I was with one of the Zone leaders and we had a great thirty minutes. We ended up missing our stop so we just rode the trams for an hour but it was great! After that we had a good lunch and Jesus thought and then picked up packages. My companion had quite a few packages that we had to get home. It was quite an adventure but it was a great day.

Wednesday was a normal day and It was cold this week. We did a really cool chalk drawing of Jesus's life but it didn't last long as it snowed a little bit.

Then Thursday was our p-day! We worked hard all morning until about 3 in the afternoon and went to the namesti and got some cool things and Christmas shopping done and then we all headed to our apartment and had our thanksgiving as missionaries. We had some ribs and 4 pies and a few other things to begin but it was all in preparation for Saturday.

We ended up getting a 15.15 kilo turkey. It was a monster and quite a difficult thing to get home. Then Friday we had district lunch with all out left overs from the night before, About 7 on Friday we started cooking. We were responsible for the turkey,stuffing, and two pies! I had 5 huge loaves of bread and i cut bread for hours trying to dry it out as fast as possible using a oven, microwave and toaster. It was quite an adventure. But we ended up with 4 HUGE pots of stuffing! It was pretty good.

We also had a banana and pumpkin pie using real pumpkin! Now we didn't have any room in our fridge so we used our one bedroom and opened the windows and closed the door as another fridge! At about 1 in the morning on Saturday we woke up and put the turkey in the oven! It barely fit. As we got back in bed we could here it sizzle and were pretty worried about the juice. We finally fell asleep and woke up to quite a bit of juice on the ground. But it all worked out. It cooked till about 8 and then getting to the church was quite an adventure. We barely made it. Both of us with about 40 pounds of stuff in very awkward sizes. But it all worked out. WE played some minute to win it games. It was fun but they didn't think they were as fun as we did! But still was great! We had about 15 pies and tons of food! People were so impressed we had about 35 people as well and 10 non members. IT was a great experience! We are pretty exhausted!

Sunday was also a crazy day! Our branch presidency was reorganized. Our ward mission leader was put in as branch president. He is only about 27. It was a pretty crazy day and the whole district presidency was there as well. We also went to the Zoo today which was pretty fun! This week will be another busy week! Tonight we are going to Hradec Kralove on exchanges and then on Friday I have visa work in Prague. WE had a great time! I hope all is well