Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 12 in Ostrava - Homemade Tortillas

Well another week come and gone here in Ostrava! We have had a good week! We taught 6 lessons with a member present this week which was pretty cool and we had some great teaching! Things are going well!

Our investigator with a baptismal date is doing great. After a lesson this week she came contacting with us and bore her testimony on the street, asked people why they didn't believe and told them they could find it! It was a pretty cool week!

Happy Birthday to Carrie and Baba and others that have birthdays right now! Two weeks ago we started ponderizing! This week my verse was about god giving us the spirit of power love and of a sound mind. Some good principles! A couple of questions!

We heard about what happened in Paris but only a little bit? Are the missionaries there all ok? We hear about people every day on the street and people are worried about things here as well. It is truly some signs of the Second coming. Also I need your new address and stake and things!

Hopefully sooner rather than later! This week we struggled finding new investigators but this week will be the week! We had quite a few member visits this week. We are trying to get all the home teaching done or at least all the members visited. we planned 15 minutes lessons. Three of them on Saturday, Each was closer to an hour or so. The members love having us in their home. learning and sharing their experiences in the church. It is quite something to hear their stories of how they found the church here. This week we were supposed to have District conference. IT was in Brno and a lot of people traveled there. We were at the building here in Ostrava and we had a lesson but my companion was not feeling well! We ended up having to go home and he was pretty sick Saturday night. But got everything out of his system and slept till about 12 on Sunday. But we missed both sessions. Sister McConkie said she would tell us what she and President talked about next time we were together. As of yet I have not gotten any mail yet. But this week there is a chance and next week we have training! With my companion being sick I had about 12 hours of studies on Sunday which was quite fun.

I am caught up in the book of Mormon read quite a few ensigns and the Gospel of Luke! I also had some more time to cook so I had some fun. Saturday night I made tortillas for the week and fajitas! Sunday morning I made pancakes and then for lunch made chicken divan! It was pretty fun but have had enough for a few days and am ready to get back to work. I had the opportunity to give my companion a blessing Saturday night as well. It is interesting how the spirit works.

After the blessing there are immediately a few more thoughts that come. I always think man those are so good but the spirit didn't prompt earlier. It is a good lesson to how the spirit works. We will receive what we need right then! Also during my studies this week one verse was really powerful! It was from Jacob 5:42. God is talking about his vineyard and then asks what more he could have done for us and weeps. It is quite a powerful section but then the servant of the vineyard says I will go and take others with me. That is why I am here on a mission, We are finding the people that are ready. I hope things are going well at home and that you are ready for thanksgiving and those things coming up! I love you all Have a great week!