Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 9 in Ostrava - and staying there!!!

I am still in Ostrava for the next Transfer. Christmas in Ostrava which makes it feel like Christmas is getting close. We Had a great week and lots of fun. The last week as a district was really cool. For the first time in Four years i will not be swimming on Halloween as well...

Our one baptismal date is really progressing well and it has been lots of fun. Zdenek who went to the temple last week started his mission papers. Training this week was amazing! We left again at 2 in the morning to get to Prague, worked out first and then set out. We had training until about 3 in the afternoon. President started with announcements and we talked about what to do when police come up to us. "I would rather you go home and bake cookies than end up in jail" was his quote from that. Pretty funny guy.

The focus of presidents training was being a successful missionary. It was really inspiring and later he talked about the Book of Mormon. Our success never depends on others. A couple of my favorite quotes were "We have a chance to be honestly engaged in becoming the person the Lord wants you to be", "Due the work see the miracles". Both have important lessons. President McConkie is a big guy, about 6'5 and just a big guy. He told a story about him running a marathon and how he trained for ten months and then his buddy started two weeks before and smoked them. HE related that to definitions of success. These next two months we have a lot going on here. We have district conferences where men will be advanced in the priesthood. We will be at full strength in the mission. The Czech people need blessings now. So he invited us and all other missionaries that have every served to begin reading the Book of Mormon again and finish on Christmas. It is 8 pages a day but it has powerful promises from him behind it. It was a really cool meeting with a special spirit that was almost overwhelming. It came right after the departing testimonies of missionaries leaving this week as we had the spirit in abundance. I was in Alma but i will have to start over. But that invitation extends to you all as well. We are excited to see what lies in store! After training the others in our district were supposed to have interviews before heading back(I had had mine already at the beginning of the transfer) But my companion randomly didn't have it... Friday morning about 10 minutes into companion study he couldn't hold it in any longer. He became AP his last transfer! The two missionaries from Europe are serving together. He was pretty excited and he had known the whole transfer. I am in Ostrava and will be with elder Breyman the other Texan in the mission. HE should arrive tonightsome time. My companion had to leave yesterday so i have been with the other elder here. His companion ended up also going to Prague and training and blinding in. Pretty cool for him. It will be fun to be with a new companion and learn more. Elder Prohazka really taught me lots and i have come to love contacting and being bold. So i am excited to learn more from him before he leaves and apply what he taught. It will be interesting as we have a really young district again. But really cool! Other than that we have an exciting week this week. We hope to really get going with a new companionship and transfer. We should have 18 new missionaries coming as well. The largest group ever. I hope this finds you all well. Have a great week.


Roste is a great guy in the ward who teaches with us alot


My companion and I