Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 11 in Ostrava - Preparing for Thanksgiving

Following our Halloween party a week ago, we are preparing for a big thanksgiving party! we are trying to get our whole branch here involved and it has been lots of fun! However we lack recipes for most thanksgiving dishes. Especially a turkey, stuffing, Green been casserole, dads jello salad, and pies! We will be grateful for any recipes you send! Hopefully next week we can print them out and have them! Thanks for all of that!

This week has been a really good week! Our one investigator continues to progress and we have pretty much taught everything now. She hangs out with church members and comes to most things. To most it would already seem as if she is a member! We are getting close with a few others and the other old lady we haven't been able to meet with in a while. We are out finding and have had some cool experiences! We seeded our neighborhood this last week and then tracted on Saturday.  Ten steps from our door we tried the first three bells of the panaloch. Third one down the guy says wait five minutes an then let us come up and teach his girlfriend and him. A really young cool couple! He knew about our church and had some funny questions and we ended up teaching the restoration! That was thirty minutes, left and went to the next one ten more steps away. third bell and the guy says no we don't have time my family and i are cleaning! We recently just received a new Mormon message all in Czech! It is basically a quick 3 minute film about meet the Mormons in the Czech republic. We took our DVD player with us and said can we just show you this quick film. He agreed and showed him and left him a plan of salvation pamphlet. It was a super cool experience and that was all the time we had that day. This week we will hope for more miracles. We also tried to find a new place to contact this week! We ended up walking all over the industrial sector which wasn't the greatest place to contact. We did end up by a college and set up a new investigator who we will meet with today. We met some really cool people last week and are excited for what this week has in store as we try and get our teaching pool built before the holidays

My companion bought a guitar last week too so that has been fun! We are looking forward to some good singing displays! We made tortillas last night (thanks Amber) and were really good! my cooking skills continue to improve and we eat really good! Halusky and Svickova are the Czech and Slovak dishes and they are the best though. We make halusky about once a week still haven't learned Svickova. We had two investigators at church this week which was really cool and they had an amazing time. There was also a really good relief society lesson that left them both in awe! super great! We got to go home teaching with one of President McConkies counselors last night. Just a great guy and a spiritual giant. It was a really cool opportunity to learn more. A couple questions. What is going on with the rest of college football? I love hearing about BYU though! Other than that we have had a good week and have a lot to look forward to this week. we are trying to get 100 percent home teaching this month and are really working hard with the members. The book of Mormon reading is going well. But we are so busy we spend most of our mornings reading. Other than that I hop things are going well!
Love Elder Hanis

My favorite place right now!
We found this little guy on our wall...
I love that Park!