Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 12 in Ostrava -- Getting ready for Thanksgiving

We Have quite a crazy week here this week! Today is not actually our P-day. We are allowed to email but the rest is a regular pros day. We have p-day on Thursday this week with 4 hours of pros. We can have a thanksgiving meal together as missionaries and maybe go see some place cool and have some fun on thanksgiving. Our mission president is great! Tomorrow we also have training in Prague!  Another early morning but it will be a great day to be around president. A funny story with that; about two weeks ago on a P- Day we were eating lunch in a mall here and this lady started talking to us! Since then we have gone to lunchwith her twice and given her a book of Mormon. When she found out that we were going to Prague she said she would come with us and now has tickets with us. Slightly humorous. There are not too many missionaries that have brought investigators to Prague! We will give her a building tour there and see how it goes! Saturday this week will be our big thanksgiving branch party! Thanks to dads advice we ordered a 14kg turkey last week! We are excited to get it on Friday! Not sure how we will cook it and if it will even fit but it will be pretty fun! Thanks for all the recipes! I will be doing the stuffing and the turkey! Hopefully things come out okay! Needless to say we already have a busy week on plan. we will also be doing some minute to win it games this week! 

We had a good week this week. Dad had written last week about praying for people to teach and serve. Tuesday we tried that.It was a holiday here as the 25 or 26 anniversary of the velvet revolution! Crazy to hear about. A quick side note; A member here wrote a book called "Beyond enemy lines" talking about being a member of the church during communism! I would love to read it but would encourage ya ll to find it! It was also a really rainy day. No one was outside yet we ended up teaching ten lessons that day! It was so cool to see that prayer answered. We also were able to help someone move a few things. We always offer service and help, but no one here lets us. It was cool to see someone let us as well that same day. 

They recently finished a sport court right by our house. Outdoors with a basketball hoop. we have started going there about three times a week. Every other day we go for a run. This week we had two good runs close to three miles! So we are picking it up! Christmas is coming! The namesti here has markets being built and stores are ready. There isn't really thanksgiving here to break it up. Saturday this week we did a singing display as a district. My companion started to not feel well again... more on that in a second, so it was just the two sisters and i singing. We sang love is spoken here in Czech. I rocked the men's part by myself.... Not sure how great it sounded but we just go and do. Just do it is what we have to do as a missionary. But my companion ended up getting sick at the exact same time and we had to go home again this week. Apparently we ate the same meal and it did not sit well with him. This time he was sick throughout the night as well! It was not good! I got to do three hours of calls though! I called up tons of old potentials some from 2011. I picked out all the families and now have a list of people! Sunday no church again for us but the other elders came and i got to go out for about 2 hours.

Other than that life continues to go on. This week will be pretty hectic but we are excited. I hope you have a great thanksgiving!

​It was cold for the Texans this week!