Monday, December 7, 2015

Still in Ostrava -- Week 14

Time is flying and this week was no exception.  Last week we finished emailing and took off running for the train station.  We headed to Hradec Kralove for exchanges with the zone leaders. It was a great time. I was with Elder Peterson, and we had a great day of contacting.  We found some really cool people for them. It was the first time that I had been outside of my area. Elder Peterson wouldn't even introduce himself as a missionary so we had a lot of fun. We were teaching everywhere and were really powerful switching off. It was a lot of travel but a really really pretty city and a really energetic day or two.

Wednesday we were invited over to a members house. Us two Texans know how to eat. She is notorious to have a record of how many knedliks(bread dumplings) people have eaten. The first day in the country I could barely get through five. I was at 14 when the sisters started to egg me on saying that the record was only 7 more. Lets just say I ate 23 knedliks and dessert and my comp ate 22. We had a pretty full afternoon after that. And didn't eat for a day. P90x came just in time.

We have a new investigator on baptismal date. We have been teaching her for about 8 weeks but kind of off and on. We finally were able to commit to a date. It has been cool to see how much she has changed already. Our area is really doing well right now which is important as we go into Christmas . People do not want to meet during Christmas so we are working even harder to set hard expectations.

Friday we got to go to Prague as well. I had visa work. It was really fun to be around the people from my MTC group again and see how things are going. I also got to see Elder Prohazka which was really fun. I got a Christmas package from dad and Amber's letter this week! IT was awesome to have my sweatshirt and Christmas decorations. We have had a lot of fun.

Thursday we went to a school and went to an English class for kids our age. The teacher told them we didn't speak Czech. We talked to them for an hour more about home and America and just in English. Afterwards they were next to us at the tram stop and we started talking to them in Czech, They were blown away, and we had a great conversation. It was so cool to see how much more open they were. It was a great experience. We also had a sports day this week that no one showed up too. So we contacted people to play sports with us. It was pretty cool and we got a few people to come play and were able to invite them to the Christmas concert we will have.

Before that though we were changing at the church. The elders were in one room and the sisters in the other. One of our elders that it would be funny to yell out that we had sour patch kids from a package. 3 seconds later one of the sisters burst into the room. It was pretty hilarious to see the look of terror on her face as we were all changing. Later that night also he same elder tried to show us his favorite move from p-90x. When all of a sudden there came such a clatter. His pants ripped from his lower back all the way down! It was pretty funny again.

I also gave a blessing in Czech this Sunday. It was an interesting experience. We were contacting on the namesti when one of the members found us there. He asked us to come visit his friend in the hospital. He was pretty much in hospice and couldn't speak. It was really sad but a really tender experience. It was also the first opportunity to bear my testimony during fast Sunday. I had a really good experience with the language this week as well. I was talking to these two young adults who were kinda making a little fun of what I was doing. When I decided to tell them I wasn't from here. They were shocked and had no idea. It was fun to see them try and make sense of it. We talked about Spanish too. I can no longer speak any! after 5 years of Spanish, nic, But after 5 months of Czech we got it. IT was Really cool to realize how much progress I have made. This week was a good week. We are looking forward to what is in store!