Saturday, May 6, 2017

Week 8 - Prague

This week has been a busy week! But great! Last Saturday the sisters had a baptism here in Prague which was great! She was from Mexico!Last Sunday we had a great day! Sacrament was all about Temple work and family history. Presidents brother gave the talk and taught really powerfully about how if we want a temple here we better get to work on getting names for the temple! Really cool. That afternoon we had a lesson with two girls in high school doing a project about our church and then at the inspirational nights there was a family from Utah. They lived in Sugar land when i was born and remembers Dad and Mom and Dad being in the stake presidency, They only had great things to say! It was a coincidence to be with them!.

This week We had a lesson with Michal about family history. He got really excited and was just going to town on family search. We spent a lot of time getting things ready for trainings. Wednesday was our zones training. If you have seen the Mormon message, the Hope of Gods light. The story is of Todd Silvester. His son served in this mission about 4 years ago and they were hear visiting. They came to zone training and shared more of his story. The video does a good job of explaining some things, but hearing the whole story was incredible. Just how bad he actually he was and how he changed and what changed was crazy. He taught a really cool principle of prayer from Mark 11:24. When you pray and ask God for something, in the same sentence thank him for giving it to you and go out and believe and know that he is going to give it to you. Tried it and it works! We gave a training about courage and talked about David and Goliath, and peter. Then we had an exchange after!

We had prayed to know What the person was going to be wearing that we were going to find. The answer was a red shirt. We prayed and asked to find him, and thanked him for finding him. Then we went out and talked to everyone. At one point we were in a park and a guy on a run was wearing a red shirt so we took off running with him but he didn't have interest. Then up in this hill was a lady sitting there wearing a red vest. We walked up and started to talk to her. She started crying and talking about how these things in her life weren't going well. We sat down and talked about God and Jesus Christ. We set up for the next day and she read the plan of salvation brochure. We gave her a Book of Mormon and shes coming to inspiration night on Sunday! Super cool! 

We had another training on Thursday. We gave a part about the history of the Czechs. And the church. I love this people and their story. How they made it happen. The gospel matters and is rolling forward. We had another exchange after that and have been busy.

This next week is going to be one of the fullest yet! We Have stake conference starting tonight and tomorrow. Monday is a big holiday so we are going on a day trip with members and things to Czech Switzerland, Tuesday we have meetings all day from the office, district and president, since its the last week of the transfer. It'll be a good birthday too! Wednesday is full and we have a culture night. Then out of Prague to Brno and then all the way to the east of Slovakia doing trainings and opening a new area for missionaries and then the dedication of Slovakia and back Saturday because someone we have been teaching with the sisters is getting baptized! And then mothers day! Things are going great! The lord is in the Work.