Saturday, May 13, 2017

Week 9 - Prague

Like the subject says this has been a highlight week! One of the best weeks of my mission! Besides having a pretty bad cold! Last Saturday we went and looked at a cool monument in Prague before heading to stake conference! It was here at the building and the general authority was visiting from England. He was about 40 and already a 70, had kids, served as a stake president for a while. Really powerful man! He gave a great talk about the atonement and how it is like kids spilling legos. Parents will always help us, and pick most of them up in the end but they try and teach the kids and help them. And that is what Jesus does. Like i said i was not feeling to great. Pretty sure i had a pretty good fever and so we went home but we had 6 extra missionaries staying at our apartment. It was a party!

Sunday we had the main session of conference. We waited at the building at 9 for an investigator. She didn't end up coming but about 30 foreigners came. We were like shepherds. Herding them all to stake conference at the conference center. It was a great conference, so fun to see so many members from all of my areas. We got to have lunch with the YSA and then had the inspirational night.

Monday was a holiday here so we had planned a trip with members and investigators to some really cool rock formations! Its similar to what Narnia looks like! Super cool! Way fun to be with some of the members. Tuesday was my birthday and we celebrated it with a meeting with president, followed by office meeting, followed by district meeting, followed by some finding and then planning our two trainings for this week. Wednesday we had a great service project and then we had culture night. We saw an opera which was alright! It was in the National Theater so it was worth it for the experience. 

Then Thursday up bright and early and off to Brno. We had the first training there. It was a different format than usual. The Zone leaders had us teach the restoration through the different trainings. So the sisters talked about God and who he is. How we can teach people better about our relationship. We gave a really in depth presentation about Christ's Church and how it is organized built and things with a million scriptures. The zone leaders talked about the apostasy and then president did it about Joseph smith. Presidents training was way cool! HE did a role play for the whole thing. And used a power point to teach us about how to teach and good things to do and it was really well done! 

After that training we headed to Trencin in Slovakia. Left our car their and headed with president to Presov. Had great Halusky on the way. Friday morning we had a meeting with president about transfers. Then all the missionaries from Slovakia arrived. We had a big service project in three places across the city and then we had a training there. We gave another training about the history of the church in these two countries, at the end we talked about presov. And how i got here. Its because that's where my ancestors come from and we talked about the gospel. It was a really spiritual meeting. The zone leaders followed it up with a great training about heart might mind and strength. Then president had a presentation with transfers he had each appear on the board until he announced who would get to open the city! It was pretty cool! Then we drove with president back to trencin and talked about every gospel topic you can think of! 

Today we got up and helped get things ready. Today we celebrated the 11th anniversary of Slovakia being dedicated for the preaching of the gospel. At 12 we raced back to Prague and got here at 4:30 because we had a baptism at 5! Kristyna got baptized! We taught her the first half and the sisters here the second! And we have transfers! I am staying here in Prague for my last transfer and I am serving with Elder Carlson. I served with him 3 transfers ago in Brno. Its gonna be a blast! It has been a heck of a week! Hope yours were good too! 

Love you!