Saturday, May 27, 2017

Week 11 - Prague

Well elder Carlson and I are wiped out. It has been a great week! Monday was the usual busy getting things ready for MLC, a meeting with president and office meeting. We had a lesson with a recent convert and FHE that night. Tuesday was a little bit crazier. We had missionaries come in for visa work. Elder Carlson went with the one and i went to proselyte with the other. The visa appointment kinda went crazy because we forgot the 100 dollar stamps we were supposed to send. We also had a crazy lesson with a kid. It ended with him kinda leaving in a haste. Pretty interesting!

Wednesday morning started out on the wrong foot when we got a call from the office couple asking where the box was that they had on their desk... That was the box the night before we had sent with president to Slovakia.. They were supposed to get the mail ready and leave it on their desk and we just assumed that that box was the mail for president.. Whoops! We had district meeting, a lesson with Michal and a less active. Then we had one of the best nights. Last week we did a chalk display and i talked to an american guy. He didn't have interest too much  but was pretty nice. He left and then we left. The other elders felt they needed to stay a little bit longer. Turns out that guy came back and asked where Elder Hanis was. He then gave the other elders his number asking for me to give him a call. So we call him and he says he wants us to come over for Dinner with all the missionaries. All 8. So wednesday night we go over and they made Tex mex food for us all! They have an adopted daughter that is like 2 and they are awesome! We shared Because of him with them and they want to come to church and the inspiration nights on Sundays! IT was so cool! They want to have us over weekly!

Then Thursday was kinda a hectic day! We had to go get some things for president, get visa stuff done and prepare for a lot of trainings we have coming up. We then had a super cool first lesson with a YSA girl we found in the metro. She is looking for a place with young people that believe. She's searching for faith and it is so awesome! 

Friday was a long day! We were up at 5 and we drove the polar bear with six sisters to Brno for progression training with the new missionaries. It was a lot of fun to hear about the first week of their mission and the culture shock things. The best was one sister missionary saying. "I was shocked to see so many males peeing outside, not just little kids but everyone. " Sister pohorelicka said welcome to the Czech republic! Its an interesting place for sure! But we had training and came back! Then went and visited a family in the ward and had a great visit before coming back and having to get a lot of things done for today for missionareis. We ended up getting home at 10. Long full day. Today's been a good pday. We visited vysehrad. Visited a recent convert from mexico at the Latin festival and got some good Mexican food! Its been a good day! It'll be another busy week. The first two of our 14 exchanges are this week plus MLC and some visa appointments. It'll be good! Love you!