Saturday, May 20, 2017

Week 10 - Prague

Well like last time the first week of the transfer is pretty busy! Wow! It is crazy. But last Sunday was pretty nuts. So after church we got a text from our investigator from Nigeria that he was sick and wanted us to come pray with him. We gave him a call. It turns out that after coming back from Africa on vacation he had gotten malaria. We went and saw him at the hospital and gave him a blessing. After the blessing he told us. Thanks i have to leave on Tuesday the doctors say i have to stay for another week but now that you've blessed me ill be out on Tuesday. Well fast forward to Tuesday we get a text from him and hes out of the hospital! Pretty cool!

But Monday Elder Carlson got here and we have had a super week. It feels like were picking up right where we left off in Brno. We are already great friends, now how to teach together and working hard. It has been a blast! Tuesday the new missionaries got here and at the airport president saw a guy who looked like one of the missionaries. He says " Lets go talk to him" He ended up being a really cool guy. President is just say a great example and fun to do missionary work with. We spent the day going around Prague tiring out the new missionaries. It was a pretty fun day.  Wednesday we picked them up and had their first meeting where they met their trainers. We survived notary with them and in the afternoon we did a chalk display. I met one American there. Really nice guy but didn't want to meet. After we left he ended up coming back and finding the missionaries saying he wants to have us over for dinner! Another cool miracle. 

That night we had the departing missionary devotional. Elder Bednar who came with me is going home a transfer early because his parents will be mission president and wife. So we were with him and then we were up at about 3:45 to take them to the airport. 

Now that Elder Belshe is gone the Visa work for all the missionares is on us. We made our first mistkae on thursday taking one sister to the wrong place for fingerprints and now has to come back. But we live and learn. We had a few good lessons that night. Found some great people. Friday was also a great day! We had training for the new district leaders in the morning. Found some more awesome people in the afternoon and had a great lesson with Jana. She accepted a date to get baptized on the first of July. She is so cool! Lots of exciting things happening. Hope you are well! Love ya!

Last night with Kofola

a Visit to paris?