Saturday, April 29, 2017

Week 7 - Prague

Well this has been another busy week! We had some really cool experiences. four days in a row people just wanted to meet at once. Last Saturday we were in a park and a guy was sitting down. We started talking to him and he asked us to sit down and we had a lesson for about 30 minutes. Then come Sunday, we walk out of the church building, meet this guy and he wants to sit down and talk. He comes in and we make some čaj and have a lesson. Then Monday in the park and we talk to a guy and we go sit down on the grass and teach. Tuesday a guy right in front of the building has time for a building tour! Pretty cool little miracles. It was a good week all in all. I was on an exchange for at least a part of every day. 
Monday I was with other missionaries in Prague. Then Tuesday missionaries from Bratislava came and we had a great exchange with them. We went tracting and both of us felt like we should tract this one house. Right before we rang the doorbell i realized it was the stake presidents house. That was almost awkward! Phew. Wednesday it was cold and rainy and all our plans fell through. One cool thing was we were supposed to do a singing display at this one spot. We had ended up going by tram instead of metro. and the other missionaries had decided to get off the metro one stop early. At the metro stop where we wanted to sing there had been an accident down below. Cool to see the lord watching out for us. 

That night we wanted to drive the missionaries back to Bratislava on our way to Ban-ska Bystrice. What should have been a two hour drive to Brno took 5 so we had to stay the night in Brno. And then 5 more hours the next day to banska bystrice. We were little stopped on the freeway and got out and talked to some people! Fun times. Thursday we were in Banska Bystrice and had good exchanges we found a few new investigators and tracted some panalaks. Things were good. It was fun to be with those missionaries . One Elder Bednar was in the MTC with us. His parents are going to be mission presidents so he is going home in two weeks. We told lots of stories from the MTC and our missions. On the 6 hour drive back to Prague on Friday we felt we should all of a sudden tract in this little town we were driving though. No idea why but we did. Not too much seen success. There were no problems on the drive so we were blessed! We got back and went to a wedding ceremony for two YSA in the ward. IT was fun but kinda weird. For the Music as they walked down the aisle it was the music from Star Wars. Darth vader for the groom and the good music for the bride. Pretty funny! We had a great visit with a member after and had a good P day today. Played some more squash this morning and went to a museum after.

Its been a good week! This week we have two trainings, two exchanges, stake conference and some meetings! Things are great
Love you!