Saturday, June 25, 2016

ONE YEAR OUT! Week 9 in Brno

It has been a great week here in Brno. It is hot! and humid. It feels just like Texas minus air conditioning. Last Sunday Michal was at church again and it has been great!  Monday was our last training with president and sister McConkie. It was a great training. Sister McConkie talked about pornography and avoiding it when we go home, The assistants trained on companionship study, and president talked about being a missionary's missionary, testimony and then gave his last Jesus thought. It was a super spiritual meeting. His Jesus thought was from Mark 9 about the father worrying about his kids. He talked about how three years ago he came, worrying about his kids and how the savior is there. It was sad to say goodbye but excited for what is in store! If anyone is in Utah next Sunday, it will be his homecoming. It would be worth it! Its in the imperial second ward at 12:30 p.m. 2768 Fillmore street, Salt Lake. He said we will go for a swim when i get home ;) 

Also i had a cool surprise from Elder Prohazka. He gave me a Red Book of Mormon. He was in Prague a few weeks ago and one of the assistants brought it to me. During communism they used these. They are small, and all red and just Have KM on the front. Really cool! 

On Tuesday we also had our culture night! We went to a play it was called Raduz a Mahulena. It was a fairy tale.  It was outside and right below that really cool cathedral. IT was way fun! 

Friday was my year mark, pretty crazy, time is flying. I got a call from Elder Collins in liberec,. The guy we found and started teaching should have gotten baptized yesterday. One year in. Pretty crazy. We met some really cool people this week! We had a member come contacting with us, which was really fun and have been sweaty! This week we have a busy week on plan. Next Saturday we meet our new mission president so our next p-day will be a week from Monday. Other than that not too much going on! Have a great week! Love ya!

Tyler and President McConkie

where they watched the fairy tale