Saturday, June 18, 2016

Week 8 in BRNO

This has been a great week! Last Sunday was a great day! We had a great church meeting and some good meetings. After wards we called the one guy who we had lost contact and he answered!! Since we have had two meetings and have resolved a lot of his concerns. He should be at church tomorrow! On Monday we had one of the more fun FHE at the church. We had gone out and contacted people about it earlier in the day inviting them but we hadn't had two much success but one of them ended up coming which was awesome! 

On Tuesday we had three lessons all with people named Tomas. It was pretty funny to go from one to the next and the last one of the day wanted to teach us Czech so we had language study with him and he was teaching us!

We have had a lot of rain here recently! On Wednesday it was raining the hardest i have seen here and we were contacting under a covered area. For an hour not a single person even acted like they heard us talking to them. Finally we just went out in the pouring rain and almost everyone listen in the pouring rain and we ended up finding a really cool guy! Just have to take the roof off see mark 2.

Our other investigator Bronislav is also doing great, after a lesson he paid tithing! Pretty crazy! 

Wednesday through Friday this week we were also on exchanges. From Wednesday to Thursday i was with Elder Merrill from Houston! He lived near the temple and we had actually been at some of the same places. We had a great exchange. The first night we went in a park and people were running on jogs. So we talk off with them and ran around the entire park and taught a lesson with one guy! Pretty fun! On Thursday Elder Stacey who was in my group in the mtc came and we had a great exchange. We had a goal to find a YSA girl we prayed about what she would be wearing and elder stacey said it would be a shirt with little flowers all over it. We found a ton of Girls with the shirt unfortunately none of them set up. Anyways it has been a busy and good week! Monday we have our last training with president here in Brno and then have a week until president Pohořelicky will be here and two weeks before transfers. I hope you all have a great week! Love ya!

PS this morning we went on a Vylet to lednice with a bunch of YSA and had a great time! See the pictures!