Saturday, June 4, 2016

Week 6 in Brno

Well another week has flown by! we had some great fun this week and some good things happened. Monday night we had a potential show up and brought three friends with him. It seemed as if they just wanted to debate. We were teaching in English with a member from Ghana. The best part was that at one point they asked a question that had nothing to do with what we were talking about and he answered "You have to drink the milk before you start chewing on the bones" Pretty great quote in the lesson! We taught with him again the next night but this time with a super solid kid we met who was a catholic. He described the restoration as how it feels when you pet a cat the wrong way but that he was really interested. WE had exchanges from Tuesday to Wednesday with Elders from Olomouc and we had a fun exchange. At about 4 we were in a park and one of the bigger storms i have seen here rolled through. Lets just say we were wet and looked pretty funny stopping people in the pouring rain without umbrellas and coats. But we had fun!

Thursday we took off to Prague and had exchanges with the AP's. We had two fun goals on my exchange. One was that we tried to introduce ourselves 15 different ways. A couple of highlights were bringers of good news, defenders of the faith. One that may not have worked so well was shepherds ;) We also tried to not ask a single yes or no question. Pretty hard but pretty great! I had my last interview with president which was bitter sweet but also great! Told me to go find him after the mission. On Friday we stayed in Prague and had our last MLC with president. In the morning we talked about the mission and planned the last training with president and then we had lunch and after lunch we had a Jesus Seminar. 2 hours of just talking about Jesus. WE talked about him as a leader and it was a super cool and spiritual 2 hours. Jesus is real, he was a revolutionary, he cared about the individual, and taught us how to return! It was a great day!

That's about it that is going on here. I finished my first journal this week and started the next one. We made Czech I'm a Mormon cards so we are excited for that and have a good week on plan!