Monday, July 4, 2016

Week 10 in BRNO

The last week of the transfer is always busy and this week was no exception! Last Sunday we had a bishop called and set apart here. IT is just our former branch president so not too much there. On Monday we had a pretty cool experience. We had about 30 minutes of time to find and decided to pray to know where to go and after went one way and found the coolest girl. She was fluent in like 4 languages and really wanted to hear more. WE met some really cool people this week. It was the first week of summer vacation so lots of people are leaving and going out of town but it is good! At FHE on Monday we had a great time. One sister in the ward was there and started to teach us Czech folk songs! It was crazy fun! They weren't just singing but dancing and hand motions too! 

On Tuesday the Pohořelíčtí arrived. And we had training with them on Saturday, all in Czech! Pretty cool! It was really good to meet them and get to know them a little. WE also had transfer calls. I am still in brno and still a zone leader with elder Smith and Elder Chapple is still with us. We had language study with a member this week and had a pretty good time. It cracked her up with some of the questions we asked. Friday night we had dinner at a members house and i was stuffed pretty much from then on. We also had huge burgers earlier that day, and then pizza at training and lots of food. The morning before training we actually went and did a service project in the morning. It was a project fit for dad. We were just cutting down trees and stacking wood! Pretty fun! That night our ward mission leader invited all the missionaries and some members over to play soccer and have dinner and then we had a correlation after. IT was great fun! We have another investigator on baptismal date again. The same one from a couple weeks ago. IT is for the 13 of august! Fast Sunday was a great day and today we sent off my companion and picked up our new one. Tonight we will have a fun dinner with burgers and chips and corn on the cob! This week is gonna be crazy! We will be in jihlava tomorrow for a baptismal interview and then on Thursday in Prague for MLC. And so it begins! Love you all!