Saturday, June 11, 2016

Week 7 in BRNO

Well another week flew by! We lost contact with one of our golden investigators who was supposed to be baptized next weekend and the other one we had will be out of town. But we had some great things happen this week! Last  Sunday we had a broadcast for all of the Europe area, it was great! I may have missed a little though.. Tuesday we taught tithing to our one investigator. It was pretty awesome. We told him that tithing shows our faith in Christ. He said "Ill pay it because the church needs it to run, i don't know if i really believe the it will show my faith. But yeah ill pay it. Don't need to know where it goes, Don't really care but sounds good!" It was pretty funny. He accepted it! 

This week we met a pretty funny kid on the street from the Ukraine. About halfway through our conversation he asked where we were from. He did not believe we were from America so he said in English "lets speak English then" We said OK and started to and he spoke Czech the rest of the time. Pretty funny! Another Man who was baptized right before i got here called us this week and told us he wanted to talk about marriage with us and his girlfriend. Apparently they just got engaged. They are about 50 or 60 and we had no idea he had a girlfriend. It was pretty funny. This week also we had markets on the namesti here and i had halusky each day for lunch! Pretty healthy ;) 

We had a really great language study with some members this week and then we had an exchange with some elders. I was with Elder Shirley. We were in the MTC together. It was pretty fun to be together for a day a year later. We have come a long ways. During the exchange we handed someone a book of Mormon and he took it, opened it and smelled it. He said it smelled good. I promptly told him it was the Holy Ghost! Anyways its been a great week and have a great week on plan, a couple exchanges and then in a week have our last training with president McConkie. Things are great! love you all!

we made i'm a mormon cards

This is sweat from our runs!

a cool castle we saw