Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 18 in Liberec

This week has been a full week and it has been busy! We started off last Monday with some really sweet contacting. We had about an hour of time and ended up finding two new investigators on the street. With both of them we read out of the Book of Mormon and had solid conversations. Both didn't end up coming to their lesson but one we called Saturday night and he said he could meet at 8 Sunday morning! So we got to meet with him and a member and he came to sacrament meeting! That was one of the highlights of the week!

Tuesday was a pretty normal day, It was our last district meeting of the transfer and then we had a mission prayer later in the day which was super cool! On Thursday we had our culture night for the transfer! We were planning on doing a tour of the radnice (the government building, it's the big pretty one in the pictures) But it turned out when we showed up that we could only go up to the tower and look. But someone else in the tour group was one of the members of that family of 4 from last week.. Coincidence? It was really cool! But it only took 10 minutes. So we went to the science museum here and it was the coolest museum. They had floors on all of the different sense of the body and different motions. We could have spent all day there! It was super fun! WE then had out first bible study and one person came! That also went really well. The bad news though was that I was not feeling well. Most of Thursday I was feeling sick and bible study took the last out of me. We got home and I crashed pretty hard. Friday I was feeling a little better but not much and sister McConkie told me to take a little nap(first one of the mission) at about 9 in the morning. I slept and felt a lot better. At least some and just stuck a smile on my face and went and worked hard the rest of the day!

That night we were seeding a neighborhood to tract and we met a guy on the street with his daughter( Always talk to a man with a kid) and he ended up inviting us into his house. We had a good conversation with him but not too much there. Saturday we went service tracting! and it was awesome! We knocked on a few peoples doors and nothing and then a guy was out mowing his lawn and he let me mow! IT was pretty enjoyable! Then his neighbor saw us helping so when after we asked him if we could help he said yes and we took out a tree! IT was a monster! In the end he even pulled out his Stihl... Too bad we can't use chainsaws. While we were helping him, his other neighbor saw us helping and asked if we could help here so the sisters went and helped. It was a super successful morning!

Sunday was a great day! We taught young men's and have really been struggling to get them engaged so we had them all come up with a question about anything. We had 4 questions in total, about who would win the hockey game? IF we would live on other planets? What's for diner? And if my companions Brother would be a professional surfer? We then said we are going to find the answers, We prayed and opened up the scriptures and discussed them all! They were engaged and we had a great discussion about scriptures. We also said for sure liberec would win. This morning we got a call from one of their moms to let us now liberec in fact had won! and they knew prayer worked! Pretty funny! We also had CRAZY weather. IT snowed, and then not a cloud in the sky and then snowed again. All in about 2 hours. That's been continuing all yesterday and today!

Sorry this is getting a little long but today was the busiest day! WE had a ton to do! But we ended up getting everything we had to do by about 3 so we hopped on a tram towards Jested the big mountain! Took the gondola to the top and had a great view! It was awesome! Then we came down and we decided to grab diner! We ate tatarak which is raw meet with an egg cracked on top on toasted bread! IT was delicious!

Anyways got to run!