Monday, May 2, 2016

Transfering out -- week 19 in Liberec -- the LAST week

Well first things first we had transfers ! I am in Brno now and am a zone leader with Elder Croney. Brno is the only place here with a church building and has a super big branch. I am pretty excited! The biggest news though is that on the 14 and 15 of May, we will be having a special conference of the church in the Czech Republic. It will be historic is all they can tell us. The work is moving forward here and it is so exciting!

Back to this week, my last week in liberec was awesome! I love the members and the people there! They are the greatest! On Wednesday we had a training and it was really good. The goal was on how to baptize. The Assistants trained on our heart might mind and strength and putting everything from home on a shelf. Sister McConkie then talked about our potential and it was so good. She talked about a violinist who performed in a subway stop. When she is the most successful violinist. It was so cool! President then trained on teaching and it was a great day! On Thursday we woke up and we had snow on the ground... But it has been a gorgeous week! We had a meeting with our investigator who was at church and had a great lesson about repentance and baptism. He didn't accept a date though. We were doing some contacting on Friday and cops walked past us and then came back. I actually knew the two of them and had met them last transfer. They asked me "You still enjoy doing this?" It was pretty funny! Absolutely! This is the best!

On Friday we went tracting and started to walk back after because we didn't have a bus for an hour. On the way a car pulls over and stops. They were from Poland and had been driving around for two hours lost. We pulled out our map and were definitely the answer to their prayer. On Saturday we went and did service tracting again and we had great results again! It was awesome! I mowed a huge lawn. Take Amber's and double it. We had a lot of fun and the guy took us out to lunch and said we could return and share a message! We also got transfer calls! On Sunday was my last day in liberec we had a great fast Sunday and then went to a members house and she taught us to make svickova. Other than that not too much else. I am excited for this transfer and that conference in two week! I will talk to you guys on Sunday! Love ya!

Liberec!  I'll miss this city!

Milos, a great guy in Liberec.

Thanks Shad for the cake!