Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 17 in Liberec

This week was another full week! Things are slowly beginning to change here. We started this week on Tuesday with district meeting and got into the details of finding. My companion and I took it to the extreme. We taught the most lessons on transportation, talking about Joseph Smith and on Wednesdays. I can tell you everything you want to know about our finding here but it has been really cool to try and use it to mix it up more and be the most effective! On Tuesday we went tracting in the area we were going to go last week when we received inspiration not to go. On the second house we rang someone came to the window and looked like they said go away. We waited another 10 seconds and she came out and we had the greatest conversation. In the end she wasn't ready but she was prepared for someone by us being there. At the end she said "wow you really believe this?'' It was pretty cool and to recognize why were there.

This week we have really tried to smile more. Often we smile and say high to everyone but we just turned it up a notch this week and it has been funny to see people reactions. First off Czechs never do that so they all think we already know each other. It's been pretty fun! We helped out a student from English translate a few things and after he showed us his rabbits! He has about 20 in his backyard that he raises and things. Then for dinner that night we got to go to our branch president's house. They texted us asking to come an hour later than we had planned and we ended up having some great contacting. Another way we were blessed and then we had dinner with them and it was a feast. He cooked a huge Australian steak about medium rare and it was awesome! It was a lot of fun!

This week we had a meeting with one guy who we often see next to our church building. He has even greeted me with "Hello Mr. president!" Before. Pretty funny guy but it turned into a business pitch! It was pretty funny though. The hockey team here is also in the finals against Prague. Every night they play they have a huge watching party on the namesti it is quite the sight. I will have to send a Picture.

On Saturday we got to do some service. IT was a clean the Czech republic day and there were projects everywhere and all the missionaries participated. We helped at this outdoor nature place and cleaned behind some garages. We probably filled up 15 huge trash bags there of just garbage. But then we went and helped another group who had another area. When we arrived all of the original group left just leaving us to do it. We filled up another 10 or so there and pulled up some huge suitcases and big junk. Then at the end an entire group didn't show up in another part of town. We went there and filled up 24 of the big garbage bags. Also had a pile of big junk and roof tiles. We worked from 9-5 and were just exhausted but we went home showered and went out and did some finding until dinner

And then on Sunday the blessing came! We had church and after went finding. It was cold and rainy and usually no one is outside. But there were people all over and we ended up teaching 3 people and we found a family of 4. They had two teenage daughters. And they were just out for a walk together... That is not normal for them to be out! It was crazy! we taught them about the restoration and in the end they were super excited to read the book of Mormon. They asked if we could write something in it as well! It turns out earlier this week I had the thought to write my testimony in a book of Mormon. And then I was able to give it to them. They were so excited! It was such a great experience!

Anyways this week has been a great week and a busy one. This coming week is no different! Love you all!

a picture of their garbage???

the watching party in the Namesti