Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 15 Liberec

This week flew by! It was crazy. Tuesday we headed to Prague for training. Monday at about 8 at night we realized we forgot to buy bus tickets... So we had to take a train and leave about 3 hours early. The normal hour bus ride turned into a 3 hour train ride too. But training was awesome! President talked a lot about finding and how we can find better. He went through about 10 different things we can be doing each week other than just contacting on the street. Lots of really cool things. Some we already did and others we are going to try this week. The zone leaders trained on how to begin teaching and expectations on the street and the sister training leaders trained on commitments and having the people write down every commitment- even to meet the first time. We had some good practice and then we had a Jesus thought from President. It was from Mark 4 and was just what we needed to hear. He talked about Jesus on the boat with the disciples and how all of us will be on the boat as it starts to sink and has water and we feel like Jesus in our time of need has left us. But often we forgot that Jesus is already on the boat with us. It was a really great training. I got mail from a few of you as well which was always fun!

President after lunch was talking to me and another missionary and started to give us marriage advice. He's a funny guy!

Some cools stories from the week: I talked to a guy on a bus this week. About halfway through he asked if our website was I said yes. He said yeah during winter I would see it written in the snow all around my house! Almost every day after it would snow. Elder Vickers and I would go write things in it! Pretty cool that someone saw it! We also had the coolest lesson with a recent convert from Prague. I met him a few weeks ago and he had a few spare hours in liberec and asked if we could have a lesson. It was really awesome! Czech is getting better and better. My companion is speaking really well and I've gotten confused as being a Czech a few more times than normal and my companion is doing great! The funniest thing though was when we had district language study we write the words we learn each week on the board. My companion wrote every single word wrong.. It was pretty funny! We are having a blast together and working hard. We have had some killer weather this week. They have a saying here Dubnové počasí it means like April weather.. But basically that it is all over the place. The first day of April we had the biggest storm through the night that I have witnessed here. By about 8 it was snowing, at 9 it was hailing and at 2 in the afternoon there was not a cloud in the sky and it was about 60 degrees. It was pretty funny. Saturday we went tracting for a while and had a really pretty view up on a mountain where we were tracting and it was a gorgeous day with lots of families.

Sunday was a great day but pretty long too! After church we had 7 hours of finding on plan. It flew by though. We talked to lots of people and lots of families at these two lakes. People were outside and it was awesome. Not too many people had interest but that just means good things are coming! This week is going to be awesome and we have general conference to cap it off! It'll be great!

Love you all and thanks for writing!

Here are some pics from the botanical garden.  We stopped for ice cream afterwards too!