Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 16 Liberec

I hear you all took bets on what I would right... Well it was just a normal week. Nothing happened and we worked hard...

Just Kidding! This week was a great week! We didn't go to Prague or get assigned seats but we had a lot of fun things! Last Monday we went to the botanical gardens which was a lot of fun and then had a cool fhe with a missionary who served here18 years ago. It was really cool! On Tuesday we had district meeting and we talked about questions and had some really good practice in coming up with questions, improving them. One thing president said at our last training was that when we are young missionaries we say what we can say instead of what we should say! That goes along with questions as well! After district meeting we had some contacting and then we headed out to Jablonec. As we waited to get on the tram Elder Collins and I started talking to two different people. We both taught really solid lessons and they both became new investigators and that just got the night going. We got off the tram and missionary work just worked. Every person we talked with was a good conversation. It was a pretty fun night! Until we got up to a group of teenagers. One of them had a skateboard and trying to break the ice my companion asked if he could see it. He was a skater before the mission. He did a trick, kind of messed it up and then tried again. Then on the third try he nailed it! It was beautiful until he landed and the skateboard broke... Oops it got pretty awkward but it was awfully funny. They thought it was funny and it all worked out.

Tuesday night president called and we talked to him about finding and how we can do even more here. It was really good and made some things possible. We are trying to start a bible study class here and also have some other activities. We had a good council and way to make it possible. Tomorrow in district meeting we are getting into the details of finding. Today Elder Collins and I really got into the details. how many places, on what days and times, what we talked about, how many lessons we taught. It is really interesting stuff! We have taught the most lessons on transportation and the second was tracting, whether people who let us in or we met on the way or on the street there. There are so many more interesting things but it has been our science project, Tomorrow we are going to have a district meeting about it all and try to change some more things.

On Wednesday we were heading back to liberec from jablonec and started talked to a young kid before getting on. He was an adamant atheist. We talked to him and he had lots of arguments. Even genetics ;) Thanks dad for all those dinner conversations. However as we talked with him we noticed a girl super interested in what we were saying. All of a sudden she gets up and comes over. And she just testifies and testifies. It was crazy! IT was like having a member lesson. IT was pretty cool! She had to run once we got off but we are praying to meet her again! We also had a really cool experience Wednesday night. We felt a really strong prompting we were not supposed to go where we had planned to go. The rest of the night was just a lesson from the spirit. We got tutored in how to follow it. It was super cool!

We had general conference this weekend and it was awesome! We watched the majority of it in English! At 1:30 on Saturday we had a lesson but the guy didn't show up. So we went back into the building and then right as we walked in the bell rings. We were super surprised and it turns out it was someone we had texted and invited. And then 4 minutes later someone else rings the bell. Then on Sunday it happened again! We ended up having 3 investigators at church which is more than my whole time in liberec! It was really cool! One of them is coming this week again and has lots of potential to progress! We also were able to teach with members after which was a boost. It was a great weekend, some miracles and great to have. Sunday we also fasted as a mission for strength and success. It was exciting to see the fruits of that. There is a lot happening in our mission right now and it is exciting!

Today we spent about 3 hours fixing our sign for the building. We were problem solvers! With the resources we had it is pretty good. I will send a Picture. There is lots of other things happening but will have to run! Love you all and hope you have a great week!