Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 14 Liberec -- movie sets

This week was a long week! It was busy and full. This week at district meeting we talked about being a consecrated missionary. There is a talk that president has given us and it is one of my favorites here. We talked about lots of different parts of it. How we are consecrated and hoe we can improve! It was lots of fun! We also did my first chalk display here in Liberec. I had to go get a permit for it and it worked out to be Easter week so we got to draw about Jesus and it turned out to be really nice! that night we also went back to a neighborhood we had tracted to someone that told us to come back a week later. They let us in and fed us. We had a great conversation they just couldn't see god in the same way we see him. It was really cool lesson but they didn't have any more interest. This week i have thought a lot about Joseph and Jesus! these two men are so connected in my testimony. Either they are both true or both wrong. I know that Jesus is the Christ and our savior and that Joseph really did see him and restore his church. Tomorrow we will be in Prague for training and I ordered Teachings of the Prophet Joseph smith so i am excited to get that!

We did a pretty cool tabling display this week as well! We took a TV down on the street, ran an extension cord to it and then played the Alleluia video again and again. It was great! But it was kind of like the staff of Moses! People would sometimes jerk there head away when they realized what it was. It was kind of funny. This week scripture stories were coming a live all around us!

Wednesday night we had English and my companion taught them surfer slang. He has quite the vocabulary! Then we jumped on a bus headed to Hradec Kralove for exchanges. They were pretty fun! I was with Elder Peterson. We had prayed and received revelation to look for a YSA man with a red shirt. At about 11 in the morning we are on a bridge walking. there is a path below us and a guy out for a jog, in a red shirt... We hesitated and then took off! It was a good 3 or 4 minute sprint until we could catch up to him and he thought it was awesome. WE had a good conversation but it seemed like that was going to be it all until one of us said something and he changed in a snap. "No maybe we can meet, I think i am different, maybe it could help me" It was so cool to see! Pretty nuts! He set up with them! We also this week have felt that we need to be in a different part of Liberec. Actually a different city. There is a city right next to us that is connected by trams called Jablonec. We are going to be spending more time there over the next few weeks. There is someone there to baptize. We went on Friday and it was awesome!

I have been in the Czech Republic for 7 months! Some of the highlights of this week also include all of the Easter markets on the namesti. We had some great food! I also bought Czech pants! They are awesome and everyone here wears them!

Easter Sunday was one of the best days of my mission! We had a good sacrament meeting and we actually had a visitor from Switzerland. It was our branch presidents companion from his mission. He gave a talk.. In German and president Translated it into Czech. It was crazy to realize that i understood everything. German sounded crazy and then there was the nice familiar sound that i understood. It turns out that his companion is married to Elder Prohazka (my trainer) sister! So I got to meet here too which was cool! Then we went and visited all of the members in Liberec. We had 11 total and saw every single one! It was an awesome day and we learned a ton from the members! We also got stuff to make our own whips! that is the tradition here. First Easter is on Monday and all the men make whips and hit the woman so they can be young and the women give them candy! This morning people were everywhere with Pomlasky (whips) it was pretty funny! All of the toddlers have them too and the dads take them around. the sisters had to be careful! they only got hit a few times!

Also on the main town square they are shooting a film! they have huge sets going up and fake facades and big trucks! It is pretty cool! ill attach some pictures! Other than that not much going on tomorrow back to Prague and then working hard! I hope you all have a great week! Love you!

Someone's pants have been worn out!

braiding his whip of pussywillow stems -- a bizarre Easter tradition

the finished product

Scenes from the movie set that has taken over the town center

it is so weird to see all the signs replaced with English signs