Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 13 - Liberec

This week has been a great week! I forgot to mention but a few weeks ago I finished the Book of Mormon in Czech! That was pretty cool. It is true. Some of the coolest things this week were getting new hymnbooks! We have had some interesting things and this week, real church approved and professional translated songs are here! There are so cool! One other funny story from last week reminded me of dad. We talked to a lady on the street who said we already had enough people but I responded there's room for more! Reminded me of the haunted mansion!

Anyways this week started good on Tuesday with District meeting. I trained about being diligent and we talked about things that may distract us and how to overcome them. It went pretty well! This week we had a lesson with that family. We invited them to the building and they accepted. WE were able to teach with a member and it was really good. They may not have too much interest anymore but we are able to weed things out. On Wednesday we also picked up our custom stamp that we use to stamp all our cards! It is pretty awesome!

On Wednesday president called... Last week was a rougher week in the mission as far as numbers went so I got to talk with him for about 15 minutes about things to do and we counseled together which was really good. We put a big focus the rest of the week on church. Sadly no one came but we are doing our part and have a lot of ideas to try over the coming weeks! One of the things he said was to make sure your working hard because we want to, need to, and should not just because that's what we do. Which was a cool principle to think about. It can be easy to sometimes go out and just get to work and do it hard and diligently but lose that focus. It has to be smart work. We did this week however have a less active at church. He lives about an hour away and we went to visit him . We had the best visit with him I have ever had. Most of the time he is pretty depressed and he is not too happy. But he was different this time and we had a great visit and followed it up with him coming to church! This week also we went to a certain neighborhood 3 times. Every time on the way home we met someone who became a new investigator. It is a magical bus! Sadly none of them showed up to their lessons. This week has really shown that people are beginning to know us on buses! Some for good and some for bad. 2 this week on the way home we got on to the bus and people greeted us like old friends and we had great conversations with them. It is cool to feel that people are on our side. The greatest was one man was not happy with us let us now. He started to raise his voice a little. All we had said was Dobry den, which is a greeting. Then this lady behind him stuck her tongue out and rolled her eyes as he was yelling at us. Another lady shook her head at him. It was awesome to feel that people were on our side! IT was pretty funny!

Also this week had one of the funniest tracting stories! We went tracting Sunday night. On the second house this old guy who looked like Santa clause comes out and gives us this key to a little hut about 10 meters back in his yard and tells us to go wait for him. We go in and it's a total man cave! IT was awesome! When he comes out he turns on this heater and is wearing an army outfit and brings three nonalcoholic beers. It was pretty funny to say the least. we taught him parts of the restoration and had a prayer with him and he liked to talk. It was pretty hilarious! It will be a better story in person! Other than that I hope things are going well! Love you all and miss you! Have a great week!

S laskou