Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 12 in Liberec

This week was busy for lots of reasons and lots of good things happened! And some interesting things! On Monday we met a guy we had just put on baptismal date on Saturday. His Brother had a really hurt hand as we shook it pretty hard and almost put him in tears. When we asked what happened he reaches in his back pants and pulls out a gun. Just to show us! It was interesting but we have decided to just let that one go for now! Pretty crazy and we were on the busiest street in the city. We also got to play some squash on Monday- always good!

Tuesday we started the travels for the week. I had my final visa work in Prague and I am legal. I have my residence card and am good to stay until August 2, 2017. Right after that we went on exchanges with the AP's. Elder Needham and I were together and just went contacting for 5 hours. It was a blast, We also did some tracting and it was cool to see some different approaches. My favorite thing that I learned was him introducing us as teachers. It sometimes seemed to change people's reactions. Wednesday morning we were up early and headed to Brno. 9 of us traveled together in the mission van. It was for follow up training with our greenies. It was pretty fun. Lots of traffic and we ended up going down a one lane road that became a dead end. It was a 300 meter backing up job. President however was 2 hours late to training. They gave their training pretty quickly because others had trains to catch. While the assistants drove some people to the train station we had a Q and A with president. It was pretty fun. WE talked about a stake, studies and then I asked him about transfers! IT was pretty cool. HE has an app that he uses and has lots of information about all of us and then he moves people and prays and moves people and prays and then usually about 3 times until he feels it's right. He decided to show how it worked to move people and he grabbed my little Picture and drug it all the way over to Kosice the furthest place away in Slovakia! I also found out this week that our ancestors are from a little place just above Kocice! Pretty crazy! We'll see what happens!

District meeting this week i talked about the purpose of companions and how we can use our companionships better. IT was really good and we had a good discussion about testifying and switching off more since 2 of them are greenies. We had an interesting lesson with a Muslim man again this week. They had there general conference when we were there and he showed it to us.

Some other good things from the week! We got kicked off the bus once. The bus driver didn't like us talking to people. We had already talked to everyone though! On Saturday and Sunday we had district conference in Prague so we were gone a lot again. on Saturday president shared a scripture from D&C 107 about quorums. A few weeks ago he told us how when he was dating sister mcConkie he shared that verse with her and said we could be a quorum. I think that's the greatest pick up line yet.

Before traveling to Prague on Saturday we met two of the coolest kids. They were about 19 and had just gotten news that there little sister or something a small baby would probably die. WE shared the plan of salvation and it was super cool!

Anyway, in Prague for the priesthood session and adult session on Saturday. Someone thought it would be a good idea if I translated. I translated half of the adult session. President McConkies talk and two others. They didn't ask me to do it again on Sunday... But it went alright. I had a lot of fun and it was quite the challenge. President told the story again about our new mission president and it was so cool to feel the spirit testify again that he is the right one. The conference was visited by Elder Mendoza of the area seventy and he gave a very interesting talk about stakes. There is an application in with the first presidency for a stake to be here. We will see what happens. IT was a fun week but lots of travel. We were not allowed to stay in Prague on Saturday night so we traveled to and from both days. On the way back to Prague Sunday morning I was sitting next to a little kid in our branch and i started to do something with my watch. A guy next to me saw me and proceeded to teach me about my watch. He was actually the coolest guy and we ended up talking for the entire bus ride. He taught me a lot of things and made some pretty funny jokes as well. IT was a really great week. This week we have at it and will be here the whole week. We are ready to work hard and get moving. I hope things are going well! Have a great week!


Elder Hanis