Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 4 in Liberec -- cold and exchanges

We have had another good week here in Liberec! We hit a rock wall with teaching this week but on the bright side our investigator we met last week and knew everything met with us again. This time he showed us this binder he had printed out... He had printed out Preach My Gospel! It was crazy!
He had highlighted some things and it was so cool!! District meeting this week I talked about Becoming a Preach My gospel missionary and then we did lots and lots of practices about teaching people not lessons! It seemed to work pretty good because we also had exchanges with the Zone leaders and our practice with them was on that. We seemed to pass! Also we had a district lunch this week. The soup that we had with it (every Czech meal includes soup) Was Pea soup. I got a good chuckle as i thought of shad and his favorite Joke. The other missionaries didn't laugh as hard as we have!

As i mentioned we had exchanges in Hradec Kralove this week. Wednesday night we took a bus there. On the way there we contacted and it was so hard to get up and start talking to people. But finally did it and i met the coolest girl. She asked what the book of Mormon was because i was holding it and then asked to look at it and began reading it. She read a lot in the Index and different things. It was a really cool experience! We were then in HK for the day and I had a great exchange with elder Earle from Alaska. We took a good run in the morning, in the snow, and then had a full day of contacting and lessons. It was nice to be the junior companion again and get to learn some good things. We were setting up a lesson the first night we were there and texting someone. She had been texting pretty regularly and then stopped. As we prayed to start planning, I prayed for our investigators and right as i said investigators the phone went off! Just a little miracle.

Friday we were back in Liberec and i was exhausted and a little sick. It was a pretty rough day but got through it and got better! Saturday at a bus stop we started talking to this guy who proceeded to tell us he was not a believer and then asked every single person that came to the bus stop if they were believers or not. It was a great experience! We just stood there and testified that we knew god lives! We were backed up to the wall of Testimony but it was great! We have had quite a bit of snow over the past couple days and it will be -20 C' tonight. We were able to buy some new blankets today!

Sunday was a great day and we had a great branch council, my first on my mission. We have been working on a branch vision for missionary work but our branch president basically did it all! It was s a great meeting. We may be small here but everything is working and it feels like things are about to take off! There is a lot in store!

Today we had a great p-day! We started off running out in the snow and had a little snow ball fight, and we then played some squash. I got a good stretch, but my companion got a good workout! It was fun to make him run! We spent the rest of the day getting some things ready for this week! However we did go back to an RCLA house. He is an older guy probably close to 80 who we visited yesterday. We ended up forgetting a bag at his house and he called us and told us we could come by and get it. We showed up walked in and the bag was gone. We searched his house for 30 minutes. His girlfriend (yes) had come over and the door had been open and we determined someone must have taken it. We ended up singing a song and then prayed. I prayed that we could find the bag and we searched a little more and left. As we walked out of the house We were leaving and i turned around and off in the distance in the forest in the snow was this little red thing poking out. It turned out to be our bag!! Our food we had was gone but the clothes we were supposed to give to another member were still there! It was really cool! Other than that it has you up to date! This week will be a busy week! We have exchanges with the APs and will be in Prague for a day. Other than that I hope all is well!

Love you

Our buy this week, For about 2 dollars we got a huge map of the country!

This is where the church building is in HRadec Kralove

We end up throwing a few snowballs each night... I usually win

The church is above the vodafone