Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 2 in Liberec -- COLD

I can start off by saying it is cold here! We had a warm December and 5 minutes after it became January the snow started and weather changed. It is been pretty cold recently and we are having fun. Our toes and fingers are pretty numb most of the time since we had contacting pretty much all day every day. We have had to take some thawing breaks. The building here in liberec is right on the main street in the town center which is really cool! The branch is pretty small but strong! we Had 5 of us in priesthood and everyone bore their testimony in fast and testimony meeting. They have a lot of kids though which is really cool! After getting here last Monday it was a little dreary but Tuesday we got out and got to work! Nothing is better than just doing it! This week we had an explosive week! We taught about 39 lessons on the street and in the end had no new investigators. So we have different focuses this week! On Tuesday we were at a members house and she fed us ovocne knedliks. Which are like fruit things wrapped in dough with yummy sauce on top! 

Liberec is a really pretty city! We are in the "mountains". It is pretty hilly so we get some good workout! we have done a lot of p90x since my companion has a bad knee and cant run too much. It has been a really cool city and is gorgeous! My companion is great! he grew up in Texas too and we are getting a long great. He is super bold and speaks pretty great Czech already. It'll be a fun transfer. The sisters arrived on Wednesday and one is a greenie. It is pretty interesting to see what the first few days look like! 

We had my first district meeting this week! We are working on branch visions for the year which is pretty interesting  right now to be setting goals for everything we want to accomplish. Afterwards i gave a training on astonishing! We are a really young district. I talked about smiling, talking to everyone and standing out! It was a lot of fun! New years eve here didn't feel too much like it. We had rules to be inside by 5:30 and had dinner at the church and played games and then we were home at 7:30. We cleaned things up and went to bed. Set an alarm for midnight and watched some fireworks. They were everywhere. We live on the top floor here and our neighbors were shooting them off. They were blowing up literally ten feet from our window. The whole sky was alive with lights. It was pretty cool! 

Thinking about what is in store this year. I will be a missionary the entire year. My schedule will be the same every single day and I get to spend an entire year talking about our message of happiness. It is pretty cool! That's about got you caught up! Did i mention it is freezing?
S Laskou,

Our church building is to theleft of me!
New years in the Czech Republic
It was cold!!