Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 3 in Liberec -

What a week! We have had another good week here! It was pretty dang cold all week! We had snow every day and some bitter wind. There is nothing better than contacting in the snow! However this weekend temperatures warmed back up again and today was about 40 so almost all the snow has again melted. But this week will bring some back! Liberec has a lot of hills! We had snow for less than a week and all of the missionaries here had already fallen... Ice is not our friend! We have a hill by our house that has lots of kids sledding on it. We are still waiting for the OK for us to go sled too! However our church shoes do make good ice skates and skis... We have been known to "ski" home on occasion. This week we got to go over to a families house. She has four kids. One of them is probably about 7 and just wants to be our friend. Shes a single mom and the kids love us. HE just wants to sit on our lap, hang out and be buds. So hard that we cant just wrap him up! IT is really fun to have more kids in this branch. It is small but all of them are families which is really cool. This week we had some really cool experiences. A lot of people here say they know things about us. And try and catch us in awkward spots. It has been interesting to see how we always have something to say and are not confounded, yet this people generally our confounded after we talk! Generally i would say its what we say although on occasion it is how we say it.. (did i mention the language is still tough) Wednesday morning this week i had a call in training with President McConkie with all the new district leaders. It was a great training and always great to here from president.

This week we have done p90x every morning in the exact order the suggest! Man we are getting fit. District meeting this week was pretty good and i talked about making things a spiritual work, Finding people and teaching the restoration! It seemed to go well. On Thursday we had one of the coolest experiences! The elders here before had received a referral but he lived about an hour and a half away and unless he showed interest we were going to leave him. However he had time to meet in Liberec on Thursday. He showed up and has pretty much read the entire website. He wanted a book of Mormon and we had a super cool lesson, Extended a baptismal date, had a member present, and had a kneeling prayer. HE texted later telling us how excited he was to work towards baptism. and today we got a text from him telling us that it is his birthday and the best gift he got was the Book of Mormon. there is lots of not great stuff on the Internet about us. It is a miracle that he didn't come across it or wasn't shaken by it! This thing never happens here! It was a crazy experience. We did everything right and were blessed! We had been teaching a lot . Over 60 lessons the last two weeks and no new investigators until then! It was so cool! I also had a Book of Mormon with my testimony in it. We had been trying to give it to investigators that all didn't come. It was cool to see how the lord saved it for him. Speaking of Book of Mormons we have gone through a whole box in the first two weeks of this transfer! The work is fun and going well! We did a really cool tabling display this week and built a statue of a temple out of Book of Mormons in all the different languages. I have also begun reading it in Czech trying to read it again this transfer. I am in Mosiah and had a lot of time to read due to the fact that my companion was sick on Saturday and Sunday again. I promise i didn't feed him anything! But he seems to be better now and we have a busy week! Sunday i did give my first real talk in church on recognizing the spirit and Czech continues to get better. I understand about 80 percent mostly know and the language is coming. I can also learn faster! Pretty much there is no better place to be right now! The work is good and we are having fun! I hope you all have a great week!
S Laskou
Elder Hanis