Monday, December 28, 2015

6 month Anniversary on Dec 24th! Week 1 in Liberec

So transfers are here! I am now in Liberec! It was a train ride to Prague and then a bus ride this morning! MY new companion is Elder Vickers from the Dallas area. Another Texan! He did grow up in Utah though. It is his second transfer here so i am follow up training him. I am also the district leader here in Liberec. Lots of things to do all of a sudden. However we had quite the week for Christmas!
Last Tuesday was our p-day and we started the morning playing some squash. We then got to buy our carp and get it all prepared and then traveled to Prague. Our investigator Karolina prayed with us! We had a lesson in Prague. Both trainings last transfer we had an investigator and lesson in Prague! Then Wednesday we had training! IT was one of the greatest days. We stayed with the assistants which was fun right before Elder Prhoazka goes home this week. And we started the morning on the namesti in Prague. We had the chance to look at all the Christmas markets there but they were all closed. So we sang as all the missionaries there and we attracted a crowd really fast but we only sang for 4 minutes. We then had training! President gave us some announcements and talked about the book of Mormon. We also had training on how to do our Christmas visits! We then had a catered lunch. Svickova! and after lunch the Zone leaders did Czech Christmas traditions. We got to try a lot of them and had a really good time. Sister McConkie trained us on how to be a better giver and the things we can do to become. She also told us about how they got called as mission presidents. She had a dream and President had thoughts while swimming. She even told us he still looks good in a speedo! I had fun messing with them about that afterwards. We then had one of the coolest trainings from president McConkie. He talked about Mary and her calling and how she asked questions and then did it. He then gave us a blessing as a mission. It was one of the coolest experiences to feel the spirit in the room and feel his love as he spoke with power and authority.

The next day was Christmas here. We spent the morning visiting members here! We visited about 10 and all ended up being with part member families or recent converts less active. IT was a really cool morning. We then got to go to the Kolkovi and we had a wonderful Christmas there! They had us sing and sing and then we had tons of food and snacks and did more traditions together and had a really fun time! Friday was Christmas and we opened presents in the morning and had service at a salvation army. We did our Christmas concert and then had lucnh with them after. It was super cool. After wards we went back to the church building and gave gifts to the other missionaries and had a fun afternoon singing songs and skyping. It was nice to see you all and it flew by fast!

Saturday we got to sing all day in the center and then we went to a Christmas concert for one of the members of the branch. We came back and got Transfer calls and then we had Sunday. We had to say good bye and we had dinner in Frydek mistek at a nice family before coming back and packing. And so here we are! It has been a busy week and there is lots more in store this week! I hope you all have a great week and a happy new year
S Laskou,