Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 16 -- Ostrava, then to Prague for Christmas

Merry Christmas!

We had a busy week this week and it only gets busier. In some ways it still doesn't feel like Christmas and it is hard to imagine that Friday is Christmas. Here in the Czech republic it is Christmas on the 24 and then on the 25 they visit one side of the family and on the 26 the other side. Presents come in the evening on the 24 brought by baby Jesus. More on that a little later!

We had a good week this week, we did some service and put a pipe in the ground through cement. Also helped cut up an automobile and get it taken to the dumpster. We had cleaning Checks for our apartment and the senior couple brought cookies which was pretty nice! My companion had his one year mark on his mission this last week and my 6 month mark will be on Christmas eve! Pretty crazy how time has flown. Thursday we got to go to the namesti for a longer dinner and had a small culture night listening to a concert and eating Czech food! Trdelniks and Bramborvy placek are so good! one of our investigators finally prayed with us this week which was a first! Super cool! We are having a really successful time and have planned really well to stay busy during Christmas. Friday night we got to go to Frydek Mistek and watch a concert that a member was in. It was nice but we were standing the whole time but beautiful music.

Saturday we had our Christmas concert. It took most of the day to get things ready. I cut lots of snow flakes out of paper this week. It was really nice! I was the conductor of our choir... I am sure that was interesting. We have a couple of really talented missionaries who had some good numbers and i played the first noel on the piano. It was a little rough but we made it! Our investigator Karolina gave all of the elders a new tie for Christmas which was pretty sweet!

Sunday we had a normal sacrament meeting. They don't really sing Christmas songs during it. But then after we watched the Christmas devotional for Sunday school and priesthood.

This week is a busy week! We do not have our p-day today. We are just emailing again. The rest of the day is busy with lunch with a member and then 3 lessons before family home evening. Tomorrow will be our p-day and tomorrow night we travel to Prague. Wednesday we have training! We will get to walk around Prague in the morning and see all the Christmas things. Then all of the missionaries will meet and we will sing together for a little while. Have a nice training and some fun and travel back. Thursday is Christmas here! We are visiting everyone in the branch with 15 minute visits and a testimony all morning and at 3:30 A family has invited us over for a traditional Christmas. WE will have traditions and gifts, lots and lots of food. Friday is our Christmas! We have service set up at the salvation army and will sing and things. Then in the afternoon we will probably cook carp since we are planning on buying one ;) And we will get to Skye! Saturday we only sing all day long and then get to go to a Christmas concert that night. As well as we get transfer calls! Because transfers are Monday between Christmas and New years. Sunday we also have a lot on plan as well!

I hope things are going well for all of you and that this Christmas time is a time to remember the savior. He was Born, He is the gift a díky němu we can all have light this Christmas.
S laskou,
Starsi Hanis