Monday, December 14, 2015

Ostrava - week 15

This week was another busy week! It felt like a longer week but time is flying. Our time in this transfer is pretty much over. We only have about two weeks left. We have had some fun this week. For language study as a district this week, we played catch phrase. We have some good new words to learn. It was pretty hilarious! The namesti, or town square, is quite something here. I wrote a little bit about it last week, but it is pretty fun. My companion and I have spent some lunches there just having some Czech specialties. The new find this week was punch! It is this hot fruit punch stuff. It is heavenly! Really nice on a cold day. We also have hot dogs although a little different, and bramborovy plecek (potato things) and turdelkniks. A really yummy desert. Christmas time here couldn't be any better. We have started to contact on Christmas. Mainly what is the most important for people. Everyone almost responds with family which is really cool to hear as the majority of the world would have you think family isn't important. This week we have a Christmas concert here at the building. I may be playing a piano solo and leading the choir.. Not sure who had those ideas.

We had some good service this week and then we were able to go to an "interview" it turned out it was a school teacher who wanted us to talk to her class about what we believed. It was pretty cool! but we were delayed and didn't have much time. But still a cool experience. We had some exchanges with the other elders here in Ostrava this week as well. One cool experience from the week was we had about 20 minutes to contact outside our apartment before we had to run somewhere. We were contacting on the word of wisdom and found a kid who was interested. It was cool to see how we only had 20 minutes but the lord is aware of our time. We had a fun sports night playing badminton this week. I have played more badminton on my mission than any other time. After wards we went with the people that came to the namesti for turdelniks.

Saturday we had 4 first lessons set up all of which fell though but the highlight was President coming Saturday night. We had interviews with him which was a great experience and we had a great discussion. He is a pretty serious but laidback guy and a lot of fun. It is so cool that he speaks Czech and gave an outstanding talk on Sunday and a really great priesthood meeting about testimony. The rest of Sunday was a long contacting block. We had nothing else on plan, it was pretty windy, sprinkling and cold. Not what I would call a dream. However towards the end of the night we stopped a mother. She originally told us she didn't understand us but as we continued to talk she opened up. We eventually set up and she has three daughters! one of them has read the bible 11 times and has tons of questions! It was so cool to see. We will get to go visit them this week!

We have two weeks left in the transfer. This week is pretty busy already. Our Christmas concert is on Saturday. Next week we will email on Monday but have p-day on Tuesday since we are traveling to prague. Wednesday we have training, Thursday is Christmas here and a lot on plan, Friday is our Christmas and Skype and service. Saturday we sing the whole day and get transfer calls. Sunday is our last sunday here and Monday is a transfer. Time is flying. I hope things are going well and that you are being good.

S Laskou
Elder Hanis