Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Week 7 in Ostrava - ***SNOW***

It is getting cold here! We have had some light snow today and yesterday was really cold. I am learning how to layer. This week was a great week. The days have been really long. I don't think we got home before 9 or 9:15 once this week and no break for dinner. 

We had a really cool visit with a member this week. She loves to feed the missionaries but often if she is not in the room missionaries begin to speak English which is really hard for her to come back in. Apparently she has talked to president McConkie about it before. We spoke Czech the whole time and have a really big focus on that around members. At one point she left the room for about 10 minutes and we continued to speak Czech. She came back in and said she just wanted to listen to see what we would do and gave us wonderful compliments. It was cool to hear how much she appreciated that little bit.

This week we also had exchanges with the zone leaders. I have become pretty bold on the street but i had a goal to learn to be more bold. We had a great day on exchanges and got someone in our area on Baptismal date! Which was really cool! we also had quite a bit of contacting. The elder i was with was really bold with the three expectations we lay out for people. Meeting regularly, studying on their own, and coming to church. Just saying we expect you to do this with people on the street. IT was cool to find a new way. Everyone you try and stop on the street says they have no time. But! they always do. I have become bold in that regard and told the elder i was with to not let them get away so easily! We both learned quite a bit. 

However we met back with our companions in olomouc and our train their had a 45 minute delay. We didn't get back to Ostrava until about 10:20 plus a 30 minute bus ride. So we contacted! Both me and my companion taught a lesson and got a new investigator who is now progressing! Super cool!

When we got home i went in the bathroom and there was water everywhere... I asked my companion to come look and something was dripping. However as we inspected under the sink the pipe proceeded to explode!!! Everywhere. We had quite the experience! It was a pretty funny night! But had we gotten home with our first train we would have been asleep when this happened and could have really had a problem. It was a tender mercy to be able to stop it. However we didn't have water that night and called our land lord the next day. We got to go to the store with him and fix it. 

Saturday and Sunday we got to watch conference. in English! IT was great and great to hear the words of the leaders of the church. I was impressed by the focus on the sabbath day and something i felt we really needed. As well as how answers for everyone can be found. It was pretty uplifting. Other than that not much is new. I understand more and more of the language and can speak better and better. We only have two weeks left in the transfer which is pretty crazy! Hopefully we can kill it this week. WE have lots of great things on plan. Hope things are going well at home! Have a great week\