Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 8 in Ostrava - Samuel the Lamanite???

Another week has passed! It has been good! And our area has began to change some. We are teaching more and more which is fun. Last week after exchanges when we traveled home we met a really cool girl. Since then we have now taught the first three lessons, committed her to baptism and she came to church. Really cool to see how she is prepared and it has been lots of fun. Our other investigator on baptismal date is a really sweet older lady. She didn't have a bible so a few days a go we went and dropped one off. It brought tears to her eyes. It has been really cool.  

We also have one or two other investigators now too. My second week here one of the members in our branch had kind of been less active and then met with my companion and I. He told us all his problems and really opened up. This last week he got endowed in the temple in Switzerland and is working on going on a mission. This has been really cool to see! and lots of fun. Other than that we have been finding a lot still and had our last exchanges. This next week we have training in Prague again which is exciting and then Saturday find out about transfers. It will be interesting to see what happens in Ostrava.

This morning we took a little vylet to Stramberk which was kinda cool but really foggy so not the greatest. But then we came back and did a mirror maze which was pretty funny as we slammed into a few walls. 

To answer your questions We listen to music quite a bit around the apartment in the morning or at night. We have 30 minutes of exercise every morning and often do p90x or go running. but it is getting pretty chilly. Sometimes members come run with us which is always fun too! We are getting closer to district conference! It is on the 14 of November and we are working with one of the potentials. He is getting closer we hope and we teach one lesson a week and have one more lesson left. I haven't missed a day in my journal yet and get to write in it every night. I try and smile all the time and stay enthusiastic! We can get sour cream here and most things from the grocery store. But the recipes are great! I am always grateful for the letters.

There is not much else going on this week and we are excited to go to work this next week. I love and pray for you all. Have a good week!

Elder Hanis