Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Week 6 in Ostrava - Sickness and Castles

My companion was sick last Monday though Wednesday and hasn't really gotten better. It was a slow couple of days. Tuesday he was supposed to rest, but we had district meeting at our house and then we had language study together. I got to do lots and lots and lots of calls while he slept later. That night however we had a lot of people coming to English class, at least we thought and decided to sprint for a bus. Needless to say he had a strict order from Sister McConkie to stay home Wednesday. Another day full of calls and organizing around the apartment. But around 4 the other elders came and let me get out with one of them. We went to the center and contacted for 4 hours and had a blast. We taught about 5 lessons on the street and had new investigators. We talked to everyone we saw and had so much fun. At one point we were on a running path and we stopped a runner and then started running with him and taught him a lesson. It was a pretty cool experience and so much fun. Right after that we started running with another guy but only for about 3 minutes. The first guy we ran with for about 10 or 15 minutes. We had a little confidence and decided to stop the next guy on a bike and he stopped! and set up again after we taught him. Really fun day!

I gave my companion a blessing this week and during it for the life of me i could not say the word missionary. I tried and tried but it just didn't work. SO instead i used a little Czech. The language is coming. I understand more and more but still miss a lot. I cant really use the cases correctly yet but i am working on it. It is so much to think about. Other than that we didn't have too much this week just a lot of contacting and not too many lessons. We have lots of potential investigators but no one really progressing or meeting with us. We ended up not having exchanges with the zone leaders because my companion was sick and instead Friday and Saturday had exchanges with the other missionaries. We had a really successful Saturday. All we had was contacting and taught 10 lessons on the street which was pretty incredible. But everyone either didn't want to meet again or bailed on us... 

It is really hard but we have another week ahead. Yesterday a family in the branch made chili for us and wanted me from Texas to be the Judge. It was pretty pretty good! It did have beans in it but still was great Chili. My favorite food though is Svickova. It is meat and sauce that you eat with a special type of bread. Dads second meal that he gave me was today and was svickova. We went on a vylet to a castle today which was really fun. We had a great time as a district and walked around the castle. Took some really cool pictures. Everything here is closed on Mondays so we could only walk around the outside but it was really pretty in the country side. It was called Hukvaldy and we had a great time there.
Other than that we had a really successful weekly shopping today. We got so much food and spent under 1000 crowns which is pretty good. They have the best cereal here.. Breakfast is great and delicious.
If Carrie is sending in packages from Europe or anything like that my BYU sweatshirt and my grey Khaki shorts. Neither are too important but would be nice. Mostly the sweatshirt. We met with one of our friends in the branch last night and he showed us all the different types of skittle wrappers from America that they don't sell here. It was pretty awesome! The favorites were riddles, blenders and crazy corns. I had never heard of them but apparently only in America. Besides that we had a good week. This week we should have exchanges with the Zone leaders as long as my comp finally gets better. It was a pretty rough week but we keep going. Hope all is well.

Elder Hanis