Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week 5 in Ostrava - First Zone Training

This week was a great week! We had out first zone training in Prague Thursday! We got up at 2 in the morning in order to catch our train there! All 6 missionaries from Ostrava rode together there. We did have a little cabin to our selves and got to sleep some. We were able to get pretty comfortable which was nice. 

Training was awesome! President talked about turning our contacts into progressing investigators. They also just made a Mormon message all in Czech that he showed us and gave us! it is so cool! All about being a Mormon and something we have really been lacking. The next step will be I-Pads and we could use them so effectively here but it still seems like a long way off, but training was great. 

President and his wife are so fun to be around. It was also fun to be in Prague again. Sister McConkie stood up and started talking about how historic this conference will be since three members of the quorum of the 12 will be replaced. We had no idea Elder Scott had passed away. Talk about throwing a brick at us. But it was a great meeting. Thoughts of things we can try and apply but we also know that we are doing everything we can. WE can just refine it and know the Lord is testing us. 

President McConkie played water polo!! That was some of the best knowledge from training. HE still wears his speedos and swims once a week! He's a great guy! HE played goalie! We had four bags full of stuff to bring home from training. I got Dad's letter and a package from Shad which were both really fun. My companion also got a couple packages full of Swiss chocolate. And we had materials for the first time again. IT was like Christmas! It was cool to see how fast things got here. I will try and send a letter or two today and see how long it takes the other way.

We had two lessons this week that we set up . Teaching is really fun too but I also do enjoy contacting. This week felt a little slow though and didn't have too much time for finding. Thursday was all day at training. And then Friday we had language study with a member and we were running for our train home after. One of our sisters dropped her water bottle and rolled her ankle really really bad. The rest of the day we had to take her to the hospital and then on some more. We got permission from president to carry here because she couldn't really walk.. IT was pretty fun and really weird but everything turned out to be fine. 

We also had culture night friday night and went to a ballet. Popelka or Cinderella! It was pretty good, a little thing but still good! Saturday we had a ward grill and sports day which took most of that day as well. It was really fun and really great! My companion and i made banana bread which stole the show. t was amazing. We had lots of fun with the members singing and talking. Sundaywe also had a potluck after church where our banana bread again stole the show along with Swiss chocolate. It was really cool to see the branch come together. We have come a long ways! IT has been super great! We also got to do some great service for one member. HE was super cool! we dug out a tree stump so he could cut it up with a chain saw. It was real hard work but lots of fun too! We got to teach a couple lessons with people this week which was fun. WE also have exchanges this week!  Its been a pretty good week but hasn't felt too successful we are excited to get to work tomorrow. However my companion has been sick today and pretty miserable so hopefully he is ready to go tomorrow. I'm sure I'm forgetting a few things, but you get the idea! Have a great week