Saturday, July 1, 2017

Week 16 - Prague

Crazy that it is July. Time is flying here. This week has had some unique experiences! So last Sunday Jana came to church and had a meeting with us and the Bishop and she had some concerns and decided to not get baptized. So disappointing to see people use their agency in bad ways. But we learned a lot from that.

Monday we were preparing for a lesson when president walked by, came in and sat down and he talked to us for about an hour. It was one of the best conversations. We talked a lot about the harvest and how to help missionaries and our questions. He is amazing! He is just like a dad. For about a month one of my eyes has been really bloodshot. So last week he made me drive home from training and he set up a doctors appointment for my eye and took me to that on Monday. Things are fine just have some drops for ti. 

Tuesday was also a good day. The senior couple in the office is also amazing. During our studies we started talking to Elder Scott and had a really spiritual conversation. it was a great spiritual experience. They invited us for dinner that night and got to here lots of great stories from their different missions. This is their third senior couple mission. 

Wednesday we got up at 430 and took off to go to Slovakia. In Brno i picked up Elder Collins and we went and visited Dominika the girl that was a foreign exchange student in SOuthlake. We had a great visit with her and her dad. They made us Halusky! Hopefully the missionaries there will be able to teach them now. We brought back other missionaries on exchanges and had great exchanges on Thursday! IT was raining harder than i have seen it on my mission and we got pretty wet! but had some great times! One mom recognized me from the magazine last week! WE met some cool people and had a good exchange. 

Friday was moving day! They are closing an area here in Prague next transfer and they sold our apartment so we had to move. It was a long day since we left it till the last day. We went up and down so many stairs but got it all moved out and now we are living with another set of elders for the last two weeks of the transfer! Things have been going good! Next week is MLC, two exchanges and prep for The last week! Its gonna be great! Love ya!