Saturday, June 24, 2017

Week 15 - Prague

Well its been getting pretty warm here this week! Lots of great teaching happening too! Last week at the inspirational nights two new families with Kids came! Hopefully well start meeting with them soon! We also set up with a different family again and had a good lesson this week at her friends home. There was a lot of visa work this week. Inevitably something always goes wrong. Either we make a mistake on the form or the Visa place tells us the wrong date but we are learning to have more patience! 

Tuesday we had training in Brno and it went pretty well! I have learned a lot about commitments and things are good! We drove with president to training and he had us drive on the way back so he could work. But we just ended up talking the whole way. President and his wife are amazing! They took us out for ice cream and we always end up talking about marriage and the second coming. He is one of the most faithful guys. He gave an amazing training about faith again! We brought back with us missionaries from Slovakia to have an exchange here in Prague! Missionaries in Slovakia almost never get to come here so they were pretty excited and we had really great exchanges! They are pretty young in the mission and should take some fire back to Slovakia! 

We had some funny experiences this week. Elder Carlson ran straight into a pole while helping a lady with her bags. We met two African guys from London who want to find a church here. Jana passed her baptismal interview and is getting baptized next Saturday! We started doing a feasibility report for Smart phones in our mission and had a lot of great things happening! Today we are headed to Brno again for the first stake priesthood meeting. It'll be a fun pday! Things are going great! Love you all